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Backpacking to Goat Lake


Jordan went backpacking over Labor Day weekend with his dad and brother, an uncle, some cousins, and a few friends. They hiked up to and camped at Baptie Lake and then would hike up to Goat Lake everyday to fish. Goat Lake is the highest elevation lake in Idaho with fish. Jordan's grandpa went backpacking here as a boy with his dad, Jordan's dad went as a boy with his dad, and now Jordan and his brothers get to go with their dad. This was Jordan's third trip to Goat Lake and he says that they easily caught over 200 fish in their weekend of fishing. Jordan's cousin, Logan, has a few llamas who came with them on this trip and proved especially helpful at carrying up some of their gear. These llamas were named Kuzco, Esma, and Kronk. Jordan's phone ended up dying pretty early on in their trip so he didn't get too many pictures. Luckily, Dave took lots of pictures on his phone. I'm glad we have some pictures to document this fun trip.

^^A llama selfie


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