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Camping with Dad


A few weeks ago I went camping and hiking with my dad. I'm so glad I was able to go and that Jordan and Martha were able to pull a little bit of extra weight with the girls so I could swing this little trip. We headed up into Wyoming and then down into Colorado. We camped at Swinging Bridge in Browns Park right on the Green River.

We camped right by this suspension bridge. You used to be able to drive across it, as long as your vehicle weighed less than 3 tons, but a few years ago a tractor was driving across and just about fell through. They haven't fixed the bridge yet but have put a big bandaid over it so you can still walk across but cars can no longer drive across. You can still see the hole from the tractor below the steel plates. I guess they're supposed to start fixing it soon. I hope they keep it the pretty turquoise color.

We hiked by this pretty little lake until some nasty rain started pouring down and rained much of the afternoon. After the hike we drove around and looked at a bunch of the park. There were a few little lakes, with millions of ducks which was neat to see, especially when we'd drive up and they would ALL get up and fly around.

The whole area was really pretty but my favorite part was probably this cottonwood tree that we found and drove under that was growing totally bent over.

After some adventuring and then afternoon naps during a crazy rainstorm there was a beautiful sunset.

In the morning we did some more hiking. We hiked to the Utah Colorado state line, and we saw some old surveying markers, which I thought were pretty cool. They were stamped 1963. We also stopped to see Vermillion Falls and the Jarvie Ranch on our way home.

The Jarvie Ranch was really neat. I loved these old P.O. boxes and the way this old trading post was set up. The old dugout was the coolest part though because I guess it was the hideout for Butch Cassidy or the Sundance Kid at one point. It has a front room and then the main part is in the back area. When they were hiding out, I guess a bookcase was put in front of the doorway to the backroom to make it appear like it didn't exist. It was neat to think that we were standing in a room that they once stood in.

It was a fun little trip and such great time spent with my dad. I can't wait to go again!

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