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Home Sweet Home


We bought a new house today! We signed all of the papers so it is officially official. And we already live in it, so that's nice. Usually after you buy a house a big move is involved, but not this time. If you need a little refresher, here it is in a nutshell: We sold our first home in April to get ready to move to England for grad school this fall. We were going to live in my recently deceased great-great uncle's house for a few months while we got ready to head to England. A few weeks after we sold our house Jordan received a very compelling job offer that we couldn't refuse. So we did some course correction. No more England, no more grad school, staying in Utah. We decided to buy the house we were supposed to only be staying in temporarily.

This adventure has been CA-RAAAZY and if I'm being honest it's been really hard for me. Not only because we've basically been living in a construction zone due to all of the house projects we've been doing but because we were supposed to be moving to England and instead we're not. We're staying here. We are making this house awesome and I do love working on house projects but let's be honest... it's not quite England. I wanted that really bad. To have spent so much time researching programs and applying for schools, getting accepted, touring the schools and cities and now, to not be going.... I'm a little bit heartbroken. We made this decision months ago, but for whatever reason signing those papers and officially closing on this house really feels like we're closing the doors on one of my dreams.

While I am incredibly sad to not be going to England, I am excited about this house. This house will be so great for us financially and it will be exactly our taste and totally perfect for us once we finish all of our projects. I know that buying this house is a good thing. And speaking of projects, because we bought this house from family, we have been able to start working on all of these projects before we actually closed on it. So since moving in in April we have completely redone the bathroom, ripped out all of the carpet, had all of the plumbing redone (including the main sewer line), updated all of the electrical (including moving and replacing the panel box), painted our bedroom and the living room, we are in the process of refinishing the hardwood floors in preparation for redoing the kitchen, a fence is currently being built in the backyard, we've revived the dying yard, took off old shutters and awnings, replaced some facia and after we finish the kitchen we will start finishing the basement (which is a HUGE project in and of itself). WHEW! That sounds sort of ridiculous when I say it all in a big list like that. (And that explains why my brain has not been functioning at full capacity lately!)

I've sort of taken on the roll of general contractor for this house, and I have to say, I am enjoying it. I've been posting every little update about our home renovation journey on Instagram @sorensenprojecthouse, if you're interested in following along. We've got a long way to go but we are steadily making progress and I'm so excited for the home we will have when we're finished.

Here's to new dreams, and new adventures, with new plans and lots and lots of remodeling dust!


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