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From the Eiffel Tower we took a train out to our Airbnb. We stayed really close to Paris Disney, one train stop away, which was about 5-10 minutes. We had already had a SUPER long day but because we were really looking forward this we pressed through the exhaustion for more fun (and because we had already purchased our Disney tickets)! Reagan took a power nap on the train ride (and I should mention, this girl NEVER naps, EVER! So all of her sleeping on this trip proved we were maybe moving a bit faster than she was used too) and Naomi took many, many little naps in the Ergo. After dropping off our stuff at the Airbnb, we headed to Disneyland!

One of the reasons we decided to go to Disneyland Paris (besides that we love Disneyland) is that the tickets are WAY cheaper than regular Disneyland and there were a few things under construction when we were there so the tickets were even more discounted. We opted for the park hopper tickets because we were only going to be there one day, and those tickets were still about $40 cheaper than the non-park hopper tickets at the Disneyland in California. Since we were arriving pretty late in the day we headed straight into Walt Disney Studios because that park closed a few hours before Disneyland. We had read about a few must-do rides and we tried to do as many as we could before they closed.

My favorite ride of the day was the Ratatouille ride at Walt Disney Studio. It was amazing and so well done! You ride around in little mice cars and end up "running" all around Gusteau's restaurant and kitchen. At one you go under the oven and it gets hot, or into the fridge and it gets cold. It was fantastic. Looking back, I wish we would have done that ride two times in a row, that's how much I loved it. I'm glad they took advantage of making this ride at Paris Disney (and I've heard they're making one just like it at Disneyworld!).

After Walt Disney we headed to Disneyland and caught the tail end of the parade. At Paris Disney they do their parade at 5, and then an awesome fountain/light show before they close. I'm glad we caught a bit of the parade for Reagan's sake but I personally liked that fountain light show way better. They project movies and images on the castle and play Disney songs while shooting off corresponding fountains and fireworks. It was fabulous! After the fountain show we headed to the Disney Village for dinner. We ate at Annette's Diner, and both of the girls fell asleep before the food arrived. It was a LONG, fun day!

One more note about our Paris Disney experience: We liked our Airbnb. It was in a safe area, it was updated, and clean, the hosts were great and it was very close to Disneyland. We ran into a big issue the next morning when we tried to get to the airport for our 8am flight. Since we were flying to Switzerland we needed to be there at 6am. We had planned to take a train or an Uber to the airport but we didn't realize that the trains didn't start running until 6 and Ubers didn't come to our neighborhood. It was so stressful! Thankfully, my mom thought of a great idea though. She had us walk to a hotel a few blocks away, and see if they could call us a taxi. Thankfully again, they helped us out even though we weren't staying at their hotel. So we took a very expensive taxi ride to the airport, but at that point we were just happy that we made it because for a while it was looking grim!


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