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Europe Disposable Camera Pictures


We brought two disposable cameras with us to Europe for the girls to take pictures. Naomi was just a little bit too small to actually understand so Reagan got to use both. We told the girls to ask us for the camera if they saw something they thought was cool, or interesting, or just something they wanted to remember. Reagan loved taking pictures and generally she did a pretty good job. Sometimes we would have to try a few times because we saw her finger was in front of the lens or something, but besides that I think she did a great job and I love seeing this trip from her perspective. She also really loved staging different shots. She would say things like, "Ok, all of the girls stand by this bridge so we can take a picture together. Ok. Now let's take a picture of me with Mom and Dad." Ultimately, this idea wasn't as cost efficient as we had hoped ($8 each for the cameras and then $16 each to develop them!) but there are some pretty cute shots and I'm glad we did it. I'd do it again.

^^A pretty good shot of our hotel

^^One of Reagan's staged shots, all of the girls

^^This one is too cute!

^^Love this one too. Riding on the top of the double decker bus...

^^A lot of the photos are dark, but just look at her little leaning pose... so cute!

^^Our only picture from Paris

And on to Switzerland...

^^Such an artistic shot. This restaurant really did have such nice plates... just kidding.

^^This picture is hilarious to me. I love it!


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