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Paris and the Eiffel Tower


On the third day of our trip we woke up early and took a taxi from our hotel to St. Pancras to catch our Eurostar train to Paris, through the Chunnel. It was just a really long tunnel but kind of cool that we've been in it! Our train arrived in Paris at the Gare du Nord Station. We had previously purchased tickets to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower (because last time we were there we didn't purchase tickets ahead of time and weren't able to go up) so we took a few trains to get there.

One thing about traveling with the girls as opposed to traveling with just Jordan and I is that the days where we were on the move, transition days, were WAY harder. Even though we packed very light, it was still so difficult to navigate with all of our stuff and the girls in a foreign country (especially France where we couldn't read any of the signs or speak the language). We managed but let's just say, this was the most difficult day of our trip. In hindsight, we would have planned this day very differently, but what can you do? Oh well!

Walking to the Eiffel Tower the girls saw the carousel and insisted on a ride. We didn't have any Euros yet and they didn't take a card so luckily a kind man offered to pay for their ride (which we were so thankful for because the girls were ornery and grouchy from waking up early, and they were both throwing pretty bad tantrums when we said they couldn't ride). After the carousel we headed under the Eiffel Tower with all of our stuff. There was very heavy security just to get under the Eiffel Tower. It wasn't like that last time. Last time you could freely walk underneath the tower. We weren't sure if we would be able to go up with all of our big bags but thankfully they let us. They did make us totally open up our bags and searched through EVERYTHING which was a big pain but I guess it was good they didn't turn us away.

We had bought tickets to go up to the very top but the day we were there, Paris was having a strike (Surprise, surprise! I feel like there is always, always a strike somewhere that effects some part of our trip) so they weren't letting people go all the way to the top. As a result we only got to go up to the 2nd floor. There was still a good view, but MAN! I sure want to go all the way to the top someday!

Reagan had a COMPLETE meltdown while we were up top (very similar to the meltdown she had on top of the Space Needle, I think we might need to stop with the heights for her...) so the very last picture on this post is incredible because she was NOT like that for the majority of the time we were up top. In fact we made another huge travel mistake at this point because she was throwing a fit. We decided to take the stairs down because the lines to get on the elevators were so long, and we just had to get down. Going down all of those stairs with our huge bags and me carrying Naomi and my backpack totally killed our backs and legs. By the time we got to the bottom my legs and especially my calves were twitching and pulsing!

From the Eiffel Tower we took trains out to our Airbnb (which was one stop away from Disneyland Paris) to drop off our bags and then headed to Disney for the rest of the day!

^^Mid pout and melt down for Reagan. I'm so glad that my husband is the most patient person alive and is so much better at handling the meltdowns and tantrums than me. I don't know what I would do without him.


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