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We spent the last few days of our trip in Switzerland! It was our first time to Switzerland and I think we had a really good first introduction. We got a little taste of the city and a good feel for the mountains. And now it's definitely on our list of places we'd love to visit again, we loved it so much.

Our arrival in Switzerland was another early morning, actually our earliest morning yet (my mom, Jordan, and I woke up at about 3:30. We let the girls sleep as long as possible so they slept a few extra minutes.) to catch our flight from Paris Orly to Geneva. Upon our arrival in Switzerland we picked up our rental car (a manual transmission Ford Galaxy van) and routed to our hotel in Wengen. On our way first the girls fell asleep in the car, and then Jordan fell asleep, and then I fell asleep. Then my mom, who was driving, started getting drowsy so we pulled into a grocery store parking lot where we all took a bit of a nap.

After our brief nap, we continued on. Our route lead us through Bern so we decided to stop to see the temple and have some lunch. The temple grounds and flowers were stunning. From the temple we headed to old town Bern for lunch.

It took us quite a while to find parking, but we finally found a parking garage and then headed to find some lunch. We landed on a pizza place that really hit the spot. While we were eating our lunch we witnessed some kind of Army band performance. It seemed very random, and it was even funnier when they started playing what I swear was the only song the BYU marching band played for years, "The Impression That I Get." After lunch we had to try some chocolate, and after chocolate, gelato. Of course. #vacation.

^^This fountain looked pretty, and I saw the funniest thing happen while I was standing there watching and looking around. Let me first say, I saw a guy fill up his water bottle from the spout, which I hope was clean water. I also saw some birds swimming in the fountain and then there was also like a dirty bucket getting filled up that I strategically cropped out of the photo when I took it. There were tons of flower pedals in the water and overall the water in the fountain didn't seem to sanitary. Then this guy walked up to the fountain's edge, looked right at me, looked back at the fountain and proceeded to pop his dentures out and wash them and his mouth out with this nasty fountain water. It was hilarious and also soooo gross!

^^I just had to document this guy, because we saw him walk by us and we were like hey cool! A fellow BYU fan! We usually think it's fun to find cougar fans out and about when we're traveling. Well this guy walked by us and then sat down for some lunch and proceeded to light up his cigarette and order quite a few beers. We're thinking maybe he maybe wasn't actually a cougar fan, who knows?!

From Bern we headed down to Interlaken, and then on to Lauterbrunnen. The drive into Interlaken was STUNNING. We stayed in Wengen, which is a car-free town that can only be reached by train. To get there we parked in the train station parking garage in Lauterbrunnen and proceeded to take the cog train up the mountain. From the train station in Lauterbrunnen you call your hotel which will send a little golf cart like car, to meet you and your luggage at the train station in Wengen to take you back to the hotel.

^^That waterfall in the distance! I soooo wish we would have had more time to explore Lauterbrunnen. Next time!

^^Jungfrau in the distance! These mountains were magnificent!

Upon arriving in Wengen, there is a sign to welcome you, which also told you the elevation... 4,180 feet. We had to laugh about that a little bit because we had to take a cog train UP A MOUNTAIN to get there and it wasn't even higher than where we live. Salt Lake's elevation is 4,226 ft, and ummm, how about Denver? 5,280! I mean, I know the mountains "start" way lower, but still, we had to laugh.

We stayed at the Hotel Belvedere. I thought it looked super pretty and super swiss on the outside. I read a bunch of reviews about this hotel before booking it, and some people said that it was outdated but I decided to go for it anyway because it was reasonably priced for the town and it was one of the few hotels we were able to book through the Chase Ultimate Rewards site with our points.

^^I swear almost every window in the whole town had a flower box under it with beautiful red geraniums.

Another reason I decided to go for this hotel was because of this key system, which I had seen a picture of while reading one of the reviews. I was kind of intrigued by it and wanted to see how it worked. It was pretty much the least secure hotel ever, because everyone knows exactly when you're not in your room, but besides that it was pretty neat. When you're leaving the hotel you put your room key in and take out the front door key which is right above it, which then locks your hotel key in the wall so no one can take it out. It was kind of fun. (And just as a little note, the hotel wasn't super outdated, besides that you had to use an actual key, it was kind of charming and cute in an older kind of way).

This playground was so picturesque, with snowy Monch in the background. The whole town was amazing really. Jordan said it was quite literally a tourist trap because we were actually trapped there (not really, you could take the train back or even hike down!) but that doesn't mean we didn't love it. It was a little resort town with cute shops and restaurants and an incredible amount of charm and even better views of the stunning Swiss Alps.

Our first night in Wengen we had fondue for dinner. We had just barely sat down when Naomi asked me to hold her, so I picked her up, and again, for the second night in a row she fell asleep before her dinner even made it to the table. It did make for a relaxing dinner thought, especially since this one was one of our longer dining experiences. We did the three course fondue dinner, cheese and bread, broth with veggies and meat (and rice and fries, which I've never had as fondue sides), and chocolate with fruit and marshmallows to finish it off. SO yummy!

The next morning we accidentally slept in, which was actually SOOO nice. We had had a few really long days and a few super early mornings and we were due for some much needed sleep. We ended up heading out of the hotel a bit before 11. We stopped at a little bakery for some breakfast to-go and then on to the gondola to ride up to Mannlichen. I had seen pictures of a super cool playground on top of Mannlichen but I didn't really connect the dots that it was just a 7 minute gondola ride up from where we were staying, so that worked out PERFECTLY!

^^Love the little gondola shadow!

When we got to the top of Mannlichen we checked out the gorgeous views, took some pictures, played at the fabulous park and watched some paragliders. The paragliders were ridiculous. It looked like they just walked right off the edge of the mountain and took off flying.

This park! Oh my goodness! It was fabulous. We played at this park for about 2 hours. They had everything: trampolines, slides, swings, a seesaw, a bowling lane, ladder throw, a merry-go-round, spring-ride animals... It was awesome and the girls were in heaven. And with the backdrop of the gorgeous Swiss Apls? Yes, please! The big cow had a slide for a tongue. So beautiful and functional!

We did the Liselotte hike which starts at the summit of Männlichen and goes down to middle station Holenstein where we took the gondola back up to Mannlichen. There were 13 stations each with little cow activity for the kids, like a milking station, or a chance to play an alphorn. The hike was a bit longer than we were anticipating but once we had started, since we were going downhill we decided that instead of going back up, we might as well continue onward.

Once we got back to Wengen there was a bit of an evening rainstorm as we headed to dinner. We ate at Bernerhof and had more traditional Swiss/German food. My mom had bratwurst, I had wienerschnitzel, and Jordan got Älpler Hörnli, which was basically a super fancy and delicious macaroni and cheese, just imagine with amazing swiss cheese.... It was all tasty!

The next morning we packed up, enjoyed our free hotel breakfast (that we accidentally slept through the first morning there), and headed back to the train station. On our way out of town we witnessed a little parade walking to a cheese festival. They were all carrying huge bells and it was fascinating to watch. I asked Reagan the other day what her favorite part of Switzerland was (totally expecting her to say the Mannlichen park) and she said this parade.

We took the train back to our car and decided to drive to the little village where my ancestors were from, Köniz, just a few miles outside of Bern. In all of the reading I have done about my ancestors it mentioned quite a few times how hard it was for them to leave beautiful Switzerland to come to Utah, and honestly, I can't blame them. Switzerland is truly gorgeous. I didn't want to leave either!

We were flying back to London that night and decided to spend the rest of our day at the jet d'eau and surrounding boardwalk. Everything was extremely charming. We found some tasty churros with Toblerone dipping chocolate, had some gelato, a panini, the girls rode yet another carrousel and overall we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

^^The rainbow! A rainbow was visible from almost any angle.

^^When you crouch down to be on their level for a picture and then they crouch down too....

There is still so much of Switzerland I'm dying to explore, so I hope we can go back again someday. I truly LOVED our little Swiss alpine experience. It was everything I hoped it would be and more!


  1. It looks like you guys maxed out your fun on this trip! How cool to be able to take the whole family. And I LOVE free miles. Lucky ducks!

    Can I ask what carrier you are using in the first picture on this post to carry Naomi? We need a larger one for our son and would love a recommendation :D

  2. It's an Ergo! We have really loved it. We only got it in April, but have already got our moneys worth out of it. It's fabulous. I love that you can carry your kid on your front or on your back. We switch multiple times a day when we're using it.


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