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Yellowstone and Island Park


Last weekend we went up to Island Park with Jordan's family. His parents rented a sweet cabin and we spent two days exploring Yellowstone. While we were up there I realized that this was our third National Park this year, which I know probably isn't very many for some people but seems like a lot for us (We've visited Bryce and also Capitol Reef this year). We drove up on Thursday night, and visited Yellowstone on Friday and Saturday. We attempted a small hike in Island Park on Friday, but once it started snowing we scrapped the idea and opted to just drive around Yellowstone in the car (in the warm car) instead. We saw lots of elk and lots of buffalo, and really wanted to see a bear but unfortunately we weren't so lucky. It was absolutely FREEZING while we were there and because it was freezing the hot springs were really neat to see because they were extra steamy. We did a few short walks around some paint pots, and tried to see the Grand Prismatic Spring (it was too steamy/foggy to see anything) and of course we had to go see Old Faithful. We also went to church on Sunday at the building at Macks Inn that has possibly the largest parking lot I've ever seen at an LDS church. I can't imagine it being packed full in the summer. It was such a fun trip and I'm so thankful Dave and Martha made it happen!

^^This was one of the weirdest things! It was a mud pot that was bubbling so fiercely. I read in the visitors center that in the fall it's really thick and in the spring its really watery.

^^All of the steam was freezing the trees.

Thar she blows! It was predicted that it would erupt at 2:13 and it went off at 2:10. Pretty faithful if you ask me.

^^Gorgeous views, right? Haha!

^^Had to document this since we're in the business now.

Thanks again Dave and Martha! It was a great weekend!


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