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Halloween 2017


Well another Halloween is in the books! This year we had Belle and Minnie Mouse, and they were just the cutest. Last year Naomi was too small to really understand what was happening so it was fun to have both girls totally understanding the holiday this year. Leading up to Halloween we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, and Room on the Broom, I got to go on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with Reagan's preschool class, we carved pumpkins, we had a few Halloween decorations up in our house and all of this made this years holiday even more fun. The girls went to Dave and Martha's Trunk-or-treat, and showed off their costumes and did some trick-or-treating at Jordan's office and Dave's office as well. And then they were lucky enough that Jordan had enough patience left in him to also take them around the block last night, while I got our spooky dinner all ready. We had some pretty kid friendly hot dog mummies with baby little smokie mummies and salad, and we ate it in candle light which Reagan usually loves.

Even though she didn't eat all that much candy yesterday, Reagan was up at 4am barfing. After we changed all of her bedding and gave her a bath, we all got back in bed only to hear her throw up again so we had to start the process all over. Needless to say she has skipped preschool today and thankfully we all got to sleep in a little bit since we were all up in the night.

I've already listened to the Carpenter's Christmas Portrait this morning and I'm getting ready to take down all of the Halloween decorations. Happy Halloween and on to Thanksgiving and Christmas!


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