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^^Jordan and I bought season tickets to watch the BYU football team. It's been a pretty REALLY crappy season for them, but it's still fun to be there and go to the games. I just love that school. And as a bonus...We can now get REAL Diet Coke at the games, so that's obviously great! Our seats are 2 rows behind Dave and Martha's, and 3 rows in front of Devan's. We bought 2 tickets and my family bought 1, so every game is basically a family party. Last week no one from my family came so we got to bring Reagan. She got really into the "First Down!" thing, it's just too bad we didn't have more of them.

^^From a few weeks ago... We were riding in the car and Reagan says "Look what I can do mom!" It was a big deal because Naomi figured this out like a year ago and Reagan couldn't do it for the longest time. We thought maybe she would be one of the people who can't do it, but lo and behold, it just took her a while to figure out.

The second picture was from her pumpkin patch field trip. I loved going with her and seeing her with all of her little friends.

^^I got my hair done for the first time in forever (please sing it like Anna!) so it had to be documented with a bathroom PJ selfie and of course a picture with that weird space helmet heater thing. I had a traumatic experience a few months ago when I discovered my first gray hair... I guess I'm getting old.

^^My friend Emily is always so on top of it and plans the best holiday parties. We have been to Christmas cookie swap parties, and two Easter Egg Hunts, and we had such a fun time a few weeks before Halloween at a cookie decorating party with all of our friends from our old neighborhood.

That same day we got family pictures taken and on our way out the door we snapped a quick picture on our porch. I couldn't help it because we seriously looked SOOOO GOOD! Hah! We clean up well.

^^Double piggy back riding with such a fun dad. He makes all of their wildest dreams come true.

And then we have a grocery store picture. For whatever reason I wanted to remember that moment. Their ages, sizes, dresses...etc. Whenever we go to Smith's we have to stop by the bakery and get a cookie and then head over to the produce department to get their free piece of fruit. As you can probably imagine, Smith's is just about their favorite place ever.

^^On Halloween we stopped by City Creek on our way to Trick-or-Treat at Papa Dave's office and our little Minnie Mouse ran into Mickey and we thought it was pretty funny.

^^We went to an exceptionally yummy restaurant the other night for date night and I had to snap a picture, because I guess I'm a millennial. It was called Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade.

And the second picture was just another moment I wanted to remember. Messy room, silly face, good life.


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