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Raking Leaves


Since we live in an older neighborhood with HUGE trees (I'm talkin' HUGE) we also have HUGE amounts of leaves in our yard. I'm not sure what kind of tree we have in our front yard but for whatever reason it held on to it's leaves way longer than all of the other trees on our street. While most of the other trees are already bare, ours is just starting to shed it's leaves. Today me and the girls attempted to do some raking. We filled our huge yard waste trash can and still have a monstrous pile of leaves. I couldn't help but snap a few pictures while we were playing (before Reagan hit Naomi in the head with her broom and then Naomi retaliated by hitting Reagan in the head with the baby rake). It was fun while it lasted even if we did have to take a break to cool down for a few minutes.

^^See what I'm talking about? Still SOOOOO many leaves on that tree.....

I also wanted to share two pictures that my grandma's cousin shared with me that were taken in the 1950's of my grandma and some of her siblings and cousins playing in the yard at the house we now live in. There are no leaves anywhere, and the trees are bare and some of the kids are wearing coats so I'm guessing these were probably taken in the spring, but comparing the size of the trees in these pictures with how HUGE the trees are now just blows my mind. And the chain link fence behind them...we JUST replaced it. I didn't realize it was that old! Crazy!

^^That old car! I love it. And honestly all of the houses you can see on our street still look basically the exact same. These pictures are so cool to me!

^^This picture is taken from the front yard, not the back yard, but it is roughly the same angle, with the light post and the car parked in the same spot and the exact same houses as all those years ago.


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