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28 Pictures of the Day I Turned 28


Reagan really wanted to bring me breakfast in bed for my birthday, but seeing as she is 4 and doesn't know how to cook she brought me some yogurt, with some "crunchies" to put on it and made sure I had a paper towel. Jordan supplemented my breakfast in bed with eggs and bacon. All was delicious and very thoughtful.

I spend a lot of time in my car these days. This morning I drove Reagan to preschool.

After preschool Naomi and I ran to Ulta to get my free birthday gift, because this is my favorite mascara right now.

From there we headed to Fiiz for a Diet Coke and a guilt-free birthday cookie, one of my favorite treats.

Right after I dropped Reagan off for school, I got a text from her teacher saying that Reagan told her that it was her 1/2 birthday and asked if I'd like to bring in some treats for the last 20 minutes of class. I was happy to run to Smith's to by these last minute 1/2 birthday treats.

Her teacher has everyone sit on the stairs for a birthday picture and then they sing Happy Birthday. She got to wear a birthday crown and got a little beanie baby from her teacher.

Then we were back in the car headed to lunch with Jordan and my dad.

I chose Zuppas. The girls acted like nuts-o's while we waited in line, but the food was delicious and it was a spontaneous, unplanned fun part of my day.

Since we were in the neighborhood, I stopped by Nothing Bundt Cakes to get my free birthday buntlet.

When we got home Naomi and I hung out, I watched a bit of Gilmore Girls (which is a rare treat for me in the middle of the day, when the girls are around)...

...Reagan did her online preschool...

...and my visiting teacher came over for 2 minutes.

After Reagan was done with her preschool, I let the girls watch a show while I did some work on the computer. I'm almost done with my 2015 blog book. I'm WAY behind, but I'm just celebrating the fact that I'm almost finished with that one and one step closer to being caught up.

After I finished a whole month's worth of posts in my blog book I played with the girls for a while until we had to leave. I'm not sure how the only picture I got of Naomi while we were playing was of this face, because she was happy.

At about 4:35 we hopped in the car to head to Jordan's office so I could switch cars and drop off the girls. When we got to his office Reagan hopped into the front with me while we waited for Jordan.

I drove down to my parent's house and went to Logan's work Christmas party. It was a fun brother/sister date.

My parent's got me some flowers which I put into a vase when I got home, while Jordan and I caught up on each other's days.

One of my friends texted me and said that her birthday wish for me was that I didn't have to put the girls to bed, which I didn't! They were peacefully sleeping by the time I got home.

I sat down on the couch to start this blog post next to Jordan who was playing his basketball video game.

And then I took a bath, because would it even be a regular day my birthday without taking a bath?

Time for bed!


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