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Christmas 2017


Oh what a good Christmas we had this year! This whole month really, has been one of the best Decembers I can remember. I'm not sure what made it so great, but I could probably think of a few things. I tried to let go of a few unrealistic expectations, I told myself ahead of time that if certain things didn't happen it was going to be ok, and we were really on top of our Christmas shopping and wrapping.

On Christmas Eve Eve (the 23rd) we went to see Coco with Jordan's family and LOVED it! We went to church on Christmas Eve at Jordan's parents ward with all of his family and enjoyed a great lunch afterwards. We spent Christmas Eve with my family and did our traditional fondue and Grab Bag at my Aunt Beth's house. It started snowing while we were at Beth's and by morning we had a 6 inch blanket of snow at our house.

Santa came to our house and did a few fun things for the girls including making a little candy cane and animal parade from their bed to the door to the living room that was wrapped up to ensure there was no peeking.

^^Cookie for Santa and carrots for reindeer.... Also Reagan was very worried about the fact that we didn't have a fireplace this year. She saw a Santa key ornament we had on our tree and suggested that maybe he use that to come inside out house instead, which was a fantastic idea! I love how her little brain works.

^^All that Reagan wanted from Santa was a Minnie Phone, and he sure delivered! Naomi got a doll, and Jordan and I got an Instant Pot.

I LOVE these next few photos of Reagan's reaction to Santa coming.

After opening our presents and some breakfast Almond Kringle, Jordan headed outside to shovel the driveway. When he finished the girls couldn't resist a little bit of playing in the snow, especially to try out their new gloves and Reagan's new coat. 

Then we headed down to my parents house. We had more delicious breakfast and opened more presents. My mom's tree was beautiful this year with all of her purple ornaments and decorations.

^^Dylan got a few interesting gifts from Logan.

^^My grandma had us play gift card roulette, which was very clever and fun!

The other thing that was really fun this year was our "Pampered, Princess, Preference, Party" that Beth set up for the women. We got to choose the flavors and scents we wanted of various lotions, candles, and other pampering things. It was great!

After my parents' house we headed to Jordan's parents' house, with more good food and presents. One fun thing we did was play our new game Pie Face from Landan and Stephanie. Reagan thought it was hilarious.


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