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Christmas Advent


^^Screenshot from Simplyonpurpose's Instagram Story around Christmas time

I had the best December this year. I think it was in part due to this Christmas Advent idea I got from Simplyonpurpose. She said that each day in December they do an activity as a family for their advent countdown. I took this idea and adapted it to our needs and calendar and it ended up being AMAZING! Some days were small things like putting Christmas pillowcases on their pillows, or attending a family Christmas party that we would have done anyway and other days were a bit bigger like getting new PJs and having a hot cocoa "party." The main reason why I loved this idea was because I always have grand plans of doing various holiday activities, or visiting different festive places and this forced me to plan it out which enabled more of them to happen. Reagan especially loved it this year and looked forward to our advent each night. Some things still didn't happen (like visiting Luminaria) but that's ok, because so many of them did. Our Christmas this year wasn't stressful like they have been in the past. We had all of our presents purchased and wrapped ahead of time, we did so many fun things as a family and I really loved the "extra" time that not being stressed gave me to spend with my family and reflect on the reason for the season.

I'll put a picture of the rough calendar I made for this year at the bottom of the post (even though some things changed) but here are a few of the activities we loved:

-New matching PJs for the whole family (early in the month to be enjoyed longer) with a hot cocoa party
-Reading the Polar Express
-Christmas pillowcases
-Family Jazz Game
-Driving around to see Christmas lights (I found an article online that had a map of all of the best houses around our city and we went and saw one of them, and looked at the others along the way)
-Seeing the lights at Temple Square
-Going to The Nutcracker (this year it was just Jordan and I but I am looking forward to being able to take the girls as they get older)
-Measuring and marking the girls' height on our big ruler (we mark them every Christmas and every birthday)
-Wrapping presents
-Family Christmas party
-Candy Cane Hunt (this one was a HIT. It was like finding Easter Eggs, but with candy canes)
-Stake party at the church
-Sleeping in the living room "under" the tree
-Reading Christmas books
-New fuzzy socks


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