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Last week we took a little trip to Disneyland. We flew to California on Wednesday night, and hit the ground running Thursday morning. We went to Disneyland Thursday and California Adventure on Friday. My mom was going to California for work and asked if we'd like to tag along for a few days at Disney, and of course I couldn't decline!

There are three great resources I used this time around that I wanted to share with any of you who might be planning a trip to Disneyland soon.

This first one is RideMax. When I said that we hit the ground running I wasn't kidding. I bought a subscription of RideMax for the first time and I have to say it was AWESOME. I really wanted to try to go on a bunch of new rides this time around and I feel like it really helped us maximize our time. RideMax is a planning software that helps you spend less time waiting in line at Disneyland (and Disney World) and also gives you lots of good tips for the rides themselves, good parade viewing spots, etc. There weren't very many people at Disneyland the day we were there because we were often ahead of schedule but being someone who loves to have an outlined plan, I LOVED it (Here is a sample schedule). This software literally plans down to the minute what rides we should be going on and when.

The other thing we did differently this time was buy the upgraded MaxPass tickets. This allows you to get your FastPasses on your phone rather than running all around the park to get them. I loved this. I know there are a few rides, Radiator Springs and Guardians being two of them, that we wouldn't have been able to go on had we not been able to get the FastPasses on my phone. It was so convenient. The other perk of the MaxPass is that you got to download all of the photos from the PhotoPass for "free" (included in the price), so we got to download all of the ride photos as well as all of the photos the park photographers took for us during our visits. (We only bought MaxPass tickets for my mom, Jordan, and I. We didn't buy one for Reagan because we knew that we would be able to use the RiderSwap to get the other "FastPasses" and we knew that she wouldn't be able to go on all of the rides we would be getting FastPasses for, like Guardians)

Both of these resources cost money. They do make your trip to Disneyland cost even more money (not much more... $14.99 for RideMax, and $10/ticket/day for MaxPass) but you're paying for a premium that will make your visit better. We thought they made our trip even better so they were worth it for us.

The last resource that I used this time around was this Ultimate Disneyland Ebook. I got the book for free when it was first released, but now that I have read it through I can recommend paying the $9.99 for it. I think it would be worth every penny. In preparation for this trip I especially liked the information about what lines are worth the wait, what the best rides are at each park for kids under 5, and I also LOVED their food recommendations (we tried almost all of them!).

And now that I've been to Disney 3 times this year, I'm pretty intrigued by this Disney Bucket List and this Disneyland Food Bucket List. I can't wait to go back!

And now for a million photos because I couldn't possibly pair them down:

^^Yummiest thing we ate! This was a cream cheese filled pretzel from Refreshment Corner on Main Street. (Their pulled pork hot dogs were also pretty tasty!)

Day 2 photos from California Adventure:

^^DELICIOUS! Chili bread cone from the Cozy Cone Motel.

And now all of the photos we got from the PhotoPass, thanks to MaxPass:


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