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We spent last week in glorious Maui, my happy place! This trip was originally intended to be just for my parents. We were supposed to be in England and there was a chance that the boys would be on missions. Well lots of things happened and we all ended up going (We decided not to go to England, Logan broke his back, Dylan got his mission call and was leaving during the original trip dates). It was so fabulous that we all went. We got to spent the last week before Dylan's mission all together as a family and in one of our favorite places. This trip was also amazing because we were able to fly there for FREE (thanks to our Delta Vouchers from this trip) and we had enough miles and points for our hotels and rental car.

This was my 6th trip to Hawaii and my 4th time to Maui. Every other time I've gone to Maui, I've stayed in Kihei. This trip however we stayed the first few days in Kapalua, and the rest of the time in Kaanapali. I definitely liked switching things up and I liked being so close to Lahaina, but the traffic to Lahaina was a little bit annoying (the roads to Lahaina are one lane each way verses two lanes each way to Kihei). In Kapalua we stayed at the Kapalua Golf Villas and LOVED it. Our condo was fabulous. My parents stayed at the Ritz-Carlton which had a great pool where we enjoyed spending one whole day. In Kaanapali we all stayed at the Sheraton at Black Rock. Another fun part of our trip was that our rental car was a Jeep Wrangler. I loved it, and would maybe love to trade in my van and get one. I loved that it had a hard top but that we could take the front part off, and enjoy the island air as we cruised around (almost as good as our convertible!).

The girls were SUCH good swimmers this trip which was really fun. (Last time we went Naomi was 4 months old) Naomi loved the sand and loved to sit right where the water meets the sand. She would cover her legs to make "sand pants" or help make sand castles. Reagan is our real water baby. She would have swam all day long if we would have let her. Her true joy was jumping into the pool. I think she did it about 8,000 times, and for this reason she enjoyed the pool more than the beach (nothing to jump off of at the beach).

We ate at some DELICIOUS places this trip. We really enjoyed Slappycakes, which we went to twice (imagine Benihana but for pancakes, with a griddle in your table). We also went to Leoda's twice. They had really tasty food, and I think I'll be dreaming about their banana cream pie for months. We also loved The Gazebo, Tasty Crust, and of course my all time Maui favorite: Peace, Love, Shave Ice.

And now for a million Maui pictures (and a few gifs!):

My favorite store, Vintage European Posters on Front Street in Lahaina.

Since we were up extra early on our first day (due to the time change) we decided to go to The Gazebo for breakfast. I had heard that the line gets really long. We got there 20 minutes before it opened and we were about 20th in line. It was totally tasty so I'd say worth the wait.

Watching the surfers at Honolua Bay. I loved watching from the roof of our Jeep!

Whale Watching aka Naptime for our daughters. Both girls fell asleep on the boat, Naomi within minutes of leaving the harbor. We got pretty close to a number of whales, including a few babies. We saw TONs of whales on this trip.

I LOVE the beach at the very end of Kihei Road. It is HUGE. I'm not sure about the correct beach terminology but this beach is both long and deep and the waves are mellow enough for the little girls and of course gorgeous. It's definitely a favorite. We also saw TONS of whales here.

My most favorite shave ice place: Peace, Love, Shave Ice. The house favorite is my go to. It has pineapple, li hing mui, with sweetened condensed milk on top. I like to get vanilla ice cream on the bottom. It is PERFECTION! And the owner Allison is so nice and remembered us from our last trip, and she's LDS.

The sneakiest little beach: Makena Cove

^^I was trying to take pictures of these flowers and all of the sudden noticed this HUGE spider right by my face.

Maui Swap Meet

^^HUGE avocados, like the size of a cantaloupe.

Such a wonderful trip with these wonderful people! Maui is officially my happy place!

P.S. Check out the differences in the shorelines at the Sheraton from our last Maui trip to this one... it kind of BLOWS my mind.

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