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Off he goes!


Yesterday at 12:30 we dropped off this fresh Elder at the MTC. He received his call 3 days shy of 4 months ago, so it seemed like this day would never come. He was more than ready and brimming with enthusiasm and excitement and only a little bit of nerves. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and see what he is up to, see all that he will accomplish, and how he will change and grow over these next two years. Jordan spent the day in California for work yesterday and so wasn't able to come to the drop off. They said their goodbyes the night before after Dylan was set apart. It's so weird! I can't believe that he is a missionary.

I was there when one of Jordan's brothers was dropped off at the MTC (and when we took another to the airport to leave on his mission), but since then they have expanded the MTC which has altered the whole drop off experience. We pulled into the MTC and they ask if we had an Elder or a Sister with us and proceeded to put a blue sticky note on my windshield. We were then directed to the underground parking garage where we were lead to a line of cars all dropping off missionaries. Dylan's Host Elder followed our car and helped us unload his bags, took a picture for us, and waited as we gave one last hug and said our official goodbyes!

I couldn't resist one last picture from my side-view mirror as we drove away. Dylan is so positive and fun to be around. He is beyond pleasant and helpful and I will really miss his company and especially his stellar babysitting and assistance with the girls on our many adventures. God speed Elder Cox! See you in two!


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