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Colorado for Dennis and April's Wedding


This last weekend we headed to Colorado to attend the wedding celebration of my great Uncle. He found the love of his life at age 58 (the first marriage for both of them!) and we were so happy to join in the festivities. His new bride seems like an AMAZING woman. I'm excited for them and excited for her to join our family.

My aunt Shari did the food for the reception and it was fantastic. They did a full dinner with smoked salmon, kalua pork, and grilled chicken, rice, baked beans, a full salad bar, and cheese plates with bread. It looked beautiful and tasted even better. I made some cookies for the reception but what was even cooler was their wedding cake, that was a train climbing up a mountain.

I loved being there to celebrate April and Dennis and see how blissfully happy they were. I also can't forget to mention that Naomi fell asleep while we were driving to the reception. She stayed asleep as we carried her in, so we laid her on top of a coat on the stage and SHE SLEPT THROUGH THE ENTIRE RECEPTION! She fell asleep at 5 and slept until 5 the next morning!

^^The most perfect quote for the wedding.

^^Reagan brought two Barbies and got them out near the end of the night. All of the little girls in the room seemed to sense it (Barbie Radar) and came to play too.

^^Naomi sleeping on the stage, missing the whole reason why we went to Colorado...

It was a really quick trip but we were able to do a few other fun things while we were there. Our first stop in Colorado after picking up the rental car was Kokoro, my most favorite restaurant in all the land. Saturday morning my mom and I got blowouts at Blondies, and then went thrifting at our favorite place, where I found some great stuff. Annett came down to Colorado to pick up a friend from the airport so we got to see her and Addie and Odin, had lunch at Panera, and also took the girls to play at my Grandma's house, which was a major highlight for them. It was fun making cookies on Friday while my aunts prepped food for the reception, great to catch up with lots of out of town family, and of course we had a great time playing "The Bowl Game" on Saturday after the reception (where the girls obviously won!)

Such a great weekend and such a happy occasion!

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  1. Wow! Great photographs, Corina! Delicious and beautiful cookies! I'm so glad you brought your WHOLE FAMILY to celebrate with us.... Love, Great Aunt April


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