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St. Patrick's Day


Reagan gets SO excited for holiday's so I've been trying to up my mom game and make them a little bit more special for her, but at the same time not making really complicated traditions. This year a leprechaun visited out house! He made a bit of a mess in the girls room and then left a trail of rainbow foot prints all around the house. He even walked on the walls and ceiling! At the end of the trail there were some X's that marked the spot where some candy might be. Since leprechauns are a little tricky only 2 of the X's had candy and the rest were empty. They were happy about the candy, and thought it was hilarious that the leprechaun went to the bathroom and made the toilet water GREEN. Reagan was actually pretty ticked that he made a mess in her room. She was SO funny about it. She said, "Next year, I want him to mess up your room." "Next year, I want to set out some leprechaun toys so he wont play with mine." "Next year, I want to leave him a note telling him not to make a mess in my room."

Photo Dump


^^Gotta document that awesome block tower, right? Did it even happen if you didn't take a picture of it before it crashed?

^^As soon as I pulled my camera out Naomi insisted on going to find her's so we could take pictures together. I mostly wanted to take pictures of her, and she mostly wanted to take pictures of the block tower.

^^Jordan and I are trying not to eat out the whole month of March to save a bit of money. He usually lets me sleep in on Saturday mornings and makes breakfast with the girls (BEST HUSBAND EVER!). Last Saturday Reagan really wanted to go get donuts, but since we're not eating out he decided to MAKE donuts with the girls. Reagan said, "These are the best donuts we've ever had!" I think mostly because she had so much fun making them and choosing the frosting color and sprinkles. (BEST DAD EVER!)

^^Loved how crazy that paint brush looked. It's always like FULL pressure on that thing. The girls LOVE to paint and I'm extremely slow to ever get the paints out because it always seems like such a process, especially with all of the clean up that usually involves a bath at the end. But I've been trying to do it more often because I know how much they love it.

^^Speaking of baths, we've kind of revamped our nighttime routine (and morning routine) and recently bought these chore charts. I also have been thinking a lot about how I love to take a bath every night before bed and how it totally gets me ready to sleep. It's like classical conditioning, we decided that this will probably work well for the girls too, so instead of the every other night or every few nights routine we've been on for a while, we're now on a bath every night schedule. Eventually I'd love to have them take baths separately and have a little one-on-one "tuck-in time" but we haven't quite got there yet.

^^Last weekend we headed up to Idaho for a wedding reception of one of Jordan's roommates. It was also the perfect excuse to come check out Devin and Claire's new house. I love spending time with them and letting our kids play, play, play! They were so generous and let us stay with them and keep them up until 1am chatting and laughing.

^^Naomi had completely WILD hair the other night and right before bedtime she found some sunglasses and I couldn't resist grabbing my camera to snap some pictures.

^^All of the snow was gone but she was set on shoveling. So she shoveled all around the yard and the driveway.

^^Very proud of their lego hotel creation. At our house we keep all of the toys in the girls room and sorted into bins. Usually, when they want to play with something they will grab that bin and bring it out the the living room. The rule is that they can't get anything new out until they have cleaned up what ever is already out. They are pretty good at this system and it keeps my head from exploding due to excessive toy messes. (I can do another post on toy organization sometime if there's any interest in that. I have a lot of thoughts.)

I wanted to include a few other random phone pictures in this post. 1. Reagan took this picture of Naomi while I was setting up for the Blue and Gold Banquet. I thought she did such a good job actually getting her in the picture and getting her to smile at the camera. PRO! 2. Free Zoo day
3. Meeting baby Cameron for the first time. So fun! 4. Reagan's selfie game is on point.

1. and 2. Silly faces with Reagan 3. Had to stop for a little reading time in Target. and 4. This one cracks me up. Jordan said that it looked like Naomi fell asleep while studying for a test. A Mickey Roadster's exam apparently. It was just too cute to not document. (Plus, I bet she'd ace the test.)

^^These stinkers coordinated a time to meet up last week on Dylan's P-Day. Logan was headed to the Provo Temple and they talked through the fence for a few minutes while he was on his way. So jealous!

Switzerland 2017


As you can see, I was falling a bit behind on videos. On Wednesday, I powered through and FINISHED Maui and Switzerland! Feels so good to be caught up!

Maui 2018 Video


Turning Point


I had a big turning point recently where I thought, "Wait? How did my least favorite child become my favorite child and my favorite child become my least favorite child?" (obviously kind of joking...) and then it clicked! It was a really long, bad phase. One daughter just finished the bad phase and the other daughter just started the bad phase. I had obviously heard of Terrible Two's and the notorious Threenage years, but I HONESTLY didn't realize that it was going to be such an overwhelmingly hard few years.

There was a time where I was honestly not sure if motherhood was for me. IT. WAS. SO. HARD. EVERYDAY! I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to have a good relationship with my children. There was so much stress, and so much cleaning, so much not alone time, and not nearly enough sleeping. BUT I'm happy to report that IT'S ALL JUST A BAD PHASE. At our house it seems like from about 2 years old to 4 years old, you are a completely irrational barely even human being. We still currently have someone in our family in that phase, but the sun has emerged from behind the clouds and fog for one daughter and she has come out as the most pleasant, helpful, awesome individual. When people talk about enjoying being a parent I think I know what they are talking about now. Of course I've had good moments before with my children but THIS, this is the good stuff. I can do this!

Superhero Blue and Gold Banquet


I recently got called as the Cubmaster in our ward. Since I only have daughters and know NOTHING about scouting I was a bit shocked. I had never been to a Pack Meeting before receiving this calling. It's kind of a fun calling though, I basically get to throw a party every month. I'm slowing learning the ins and outs and Tuesday was our Blue and Gold Banquet. It was SO FUN! I decided to go with a Superhero theme this year and had so much fun with the games and decorations that I thought I'd share what I did. Don't miss out on the FREE printables at the bottom.

I think my favorite part of the party was the photobooth. I saw this cool comic book frame photobooth prop on Pinterest and loved how it looked. I decided to adapt it and make one specifically for this party. I designed the poster and had it printed as an engineering print at Staples. I cut out the inside so it would be a little window (this was the most laborious part), and then tapped it to a wooden frame that Jordan helped me build. I wanted it to be a little bit sturdier than a loose piece of paper. I bought a few costume props at Zurchers and had one of the other leaders be in charge of taking pictures with an instax camera. I LOVE how it all turned out.

You can download the comic book frame HERE.

I really wanted to make this Blue and Gold Banquet special by not having it be your standard cub scout "potluck." I had the idea to see if I could find a restaurant that would donate food for our event. I approached a local Chick-Fil-A and asked them if they would be willing to donate, and told them that I would appreciate anything they could offer. They agreed to donate 25 chicken sandwiches and 2 nugget trays, enough to feed 75 people! It was awesome! We paired that with some salad and fruit as well as some chips and topped it off with either water or lemonade. It was a hit! Chick-fil-A even offered to deliver the food. They are the best!

To go behind the food tables I made these butcher paper skylines. I think they turned out pretty cute. I tried to sneak in some Utah buildings when I could and a few people noticed and pointed out the various distinct buildings.

I had a hard time deciding what to do for the centerpieces but it all came together when I decided to use butcher paper table clothes that could be colored and doodled on during dinner. I paired mason jars filled with markers and colored pencils with mason jars filled with blue paper Easter grass to add color with these POW, WHAM, BOOM signs I printed on cardstock, cut out, and hot glued to skewers.

You can download the POW, WHAM, BOOM signs HERE.

We played two really fun games. I wanted games they could play sitting at the tables, while eating or finishing up their dinner. For the first game I printed off pictures of 10 Superheros and taped them up on a chalkboard and passed out quarter sheets of paper numbered 1-10. The game was to see who knew the REAL names or aliases of the Superheros. I had 4 people who knew all 10 and they each got a prize.

Here are the 10 Superheros I used and their aliases:

1. Batman - Bruce Wayne
2. Hulk - Robert Bruce Banner
3. Superman - Clark Kent
4. Wonder Woman - Diana Prince, Princess Diana of Themyscira
5. The Flash -  Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen
6. Capitan America - Steven "Steve" Rogers
7. Iron Man - Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark
8. Spiderman - Peter Benjamin Parker
9. Daredevil - Matthew Michael Murdock
10. Robin - Dick Grayson

You can download the pictures I used HERE.

This next game was a big hit. I'm not sure what the real name is but we call it the Paper Plate Game. You pass out paper plates and have each person put the paper plate on their head. Everyone needs a writing utensil. You describe a scene that they are supposed to draw on the plate while it is on top of their head, (NO PEEKING!) and then they get points for how well the drawing turns out. Here is what I told them to draw and the scoring:

1. Draw the ground
2. Draw a building (skyscraper) on the right hand side
3. Draw 12 windows on the building
4. Draw a flying superhero
5. Draw an emblem on their chest
6. Draw a cape on the superhero
7. Draw a car on the ground below the superhero
8. Draw a sidekick on the left of the superhero

+1 point if the ground is on the bottom of your drawing
+1 point if the building is on the right hand side
+1 point for each window ON the building
+1 point for drawing the superhero
+2 points if the emblem is on the chest
+2 points if the cape is actually attached to the superhero
+1 point if the car is below the superhero
+1 point if the sidekick is on the left of the superhero

Whoever has the most points wins! The drawings are usually pretty awesome.

Click HERE to access all of the files available to download.

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