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Pinewood Derby Cub Scout Fundraiser


Another Cub Scout post? Sorry! Can't help it. When I pour my HEART AND SOUL into a project, I have to share it on the ol' blog. The big fundraiser for our pack for the last 10 or so years has been the Pinewood Derby were they do a big dinner with the races. Since I had never been to a Pinewood Derby before this night I decided to pretty much keep it all the same this year (but there might be some cha-cha-cha-changes in future years!). The decorations are usually my favorite part of events like this and this event was no different but I also worked really hard to design some awesome posters/flyers/menus/logos/awards/etc. So those are pretty high on my list of favorites from the night. I've included a lot of my graphics as printables on the bottom of this post for anyone who is interested. But first, DETAILS! (Since I had never been to a Pinewood Derby before I used a lot of great ideas from this blog. We did have to modify a bit because our event is a fundraiser but there is definitely lots of good ideas there and it's worth checking out!)

In the above photo you'll see we hung two kinds of bunting flags, checkered and colored, zig zagging/alternating. I love the impact it has on the room. We used yellow and blue butcher paper to cover the tables and to add color and then I used some small checkered flags I found in my cub scout closet as centerpieces.

I also went around to a bunch of tire stores/mechanic shops and asked if they had any huge signs or banners I could use as decorations. I hung these on the back wall and I loved how they looked. I would love to start collecting these to reuse each year and maybe someday end up being able to cover a whole wall.

My pack is made up of 3 wards. The weeks leading up to the Pinewood Derby we sent around signups in all 3 wards, for food donations and help in the kitchen. Almost all of the food was donated and we received so much help in the kitchen! I'm so thankful! For the navajo tacos and scones we used Texas Rhodes Rolls. Rhodes corporate was very generous and donated one case of rolls for our event. We purchased everything for and made the chili but almost everything else was donated: lettuce, sour cream, salsa, chips, nacho cheese, hot dogs, and buns, honey, butter, shredded cheese, and lots and lots of treats.

The way it's been done in the past is to have 3 tables set up in a "U" shape in front of the kitchen and we kept that the same. We put drinks, condiments, silverware, and napkins on one side. The front side is where people picked up their food and the other side was where they ordered their food.

In the foyer, before they entered the gym, there was a table set up to buy tickets. The tickets would then be used to buy dinner and treats. Hence all of the prices are listed in tickets...

One fun idea that I copied from this blog was the Pit Passes. They boys loved them and I think they turned out awesome. We had them laid out on the "garage" table and when the boys arrived they could swap out their pit pass for their car. Then we knew who was there and which car belonged to which boy.

The dinner was great, but the racing was the highlight for me. Having never been to a pinewood derby before like I mentioned above, I couldn't believe how fun the racing was. It was so exciting and so fun to watch these boys race their cars.

I designed a few awards and one of the fantastic members of my committee made 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies as well as candy bags for all of the participants. We gave out awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Paint Job, Fastest Looking, Judges Favorite, Funniest, Most Patriotic, Most Unusual Shape, Most Artistic, Best Workmanship, Best Sportsmanship, and then a few Congratulations certificates.

It was a great night! (And I'm so glad it's OVER! Ha!) Here are some of the graphics I designed. For everything I used the fonts Montserrat and Wisdom Script. There is a link at the bottom to all of the files I have available for download. First up, is the Pinewood Derby Logo.

Here is what our awards looked like. Again, for the downloads I took off our pack number and the date. The award file is a 13 page PDF. Just print off and write in the winner's name on each.

This is what our posters and flyers looked like. Just so you have an idea.

Available for download is a Powerpoint editable file that looks like this. It is formatted to be 8.5X11, so you might have to scale/size down to make it suit your needs.

In the download folder below there is this sheet of Pit Passes, without the pack number, that I had printed on card stock and then laminated. We cut them out and punched holes in the top and made a little "lanyard" out of paracord and electrical tape.

This was the sign we had in the foyer that told how much the tickets were. We bundled the tickets into $5, $10, and $20 and each included a few bonus tickets with the most incentive being for the $20 bundle.

And just because I'm so dang proud of how this turned out, here is our menu board, also available for download in case you are also doing a fundraiser pinewood derby and want to serve the exact same food as us!
Here is the link to the download folder. Enjoy!

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  1. Corina you are incredibly awesome. This is fab-u-lous. I am a proud grandma.


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