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St. Patrick's Day


Reagan gets SO excited for holiday's so I've been trying to up my mom game and make them a little bit more special for her, but at the same time not making really complicated traditions. This year a leprechaun visited out house! He made a bit of a mess in the girls room and then left a trail of rainbow foot prints all around the house. He even walked on the walls and ceiling! At the end of the trail there were some X's that marked the spot where some candy might be. Since leprechauns are a little tricky only 2 of the X's had candy and the rest were empty. They were happy about the candy, and thought it was hilarious that the leprechaun went to the bathroom and made the toilet water GREEN. Reagan was actually pretty ticked that he made a mess in her room. She was SO funny about it. She said, "Next year, I want him to mess up your room." "Next year, I want to set out some leprechaun toys so he wont play with mine." "Next year, I want to leave him a note telling him not to make a mess in my room."


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