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Cherry Blossoms at the Capitol


I love visiting the cherry blossoms at the Utah State Capitol every spring. (Last time I blogged about it here, with baby Naomi!) These blossoms are such a happy introduction to Spring and warmer weather. I know that I can't wait around for happiness and need to be happy in the here and now, but during the dead of winter I feel like I'm DYING, waiting for warm weather and sunshine. And now that it's finally arriving I couldn't be more pleased. We packed a backpack full of snacks and treats and walked around the whole capitol. These trees are so gorgeous in full bloom!

^^The girls both asked me when these were going to "pop." "When will this one pop"

^^Naomi with shoes on the wrong feet, looking through her noculars...

^^I'm pretty sure this is just about the most precious picture of all time...

^^And a quick self-timer one with me in it, because I was there too...

Spring Break in St. George


Reagan had Spring Break this past week and we decided to drive a few hours south and spend a couple of days in the sunshine. We left Thursday afternoon after a quick stop in Spanish Fork for dinner and then hit the road. We made it to St. George with just enough time for a little swim in the hotel pool before bed. On Friday Jordan woke up early and went on a bike ride while the girls and I slept in.... until 7:30... Ok. We didn't sleep in, but we did enjoy some Saturday morning cartoons before heading down to breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast we drove over to Snow Canyon State Park to play at the Sand Dunes. The girls had never been to any kind of Sand Dunes and I think they loved it. We had a great time playing in the sand for a few hours. We started to get hungry about the same time it started to get really crowded. After a quick drive around the rest of the park we decided it was time for lunch. Reagan said she wanted tacos so we drove back into town and headed to Angelica's. I saw this place on a few different St. George restaurant lists and the internets were right. It was tasty. After lunch we went back to the hotel to get our swimming suits so we could go to Thunder Junction Park. We spent a few hours there exploring all of the different parts of the park. We loved the Splash Pad, Zip-lines, and of course the train ride was definitely a highlight.

Before dinner we went to see the temple and Visitor's Center. I love the stark contrast between the beautiful red rocks and bright white temple. So gorgeous and special. For dinner we got pizza at Riggatti's on Main Street and ate it in the grass across the street as we watched people set up for the street festival Georgefest. We didn't stay to listen to the bands but we did the next best thing which was getting concretes at Nielsen's. We got our ice cream to go and headed back to the hotel for more swimming, and watching Shrek on TV before bed.

Saturday morning, after another tasty continental breakfast at the hotel, we packed up the car and drove out to Sand Hollow. We decided to rent some kayaks for a few hours and enjoy some time out on the water. Kayaking was another new activity for the girls and we all had a great time. After our two hour rental ended we decided on Viva Chicken for lunch, with a quick stop at Swig before starting our trek up North.

Happy Girl + Sorensen Quarterly Review


... is working hard. His company has a big deadline coming up and the work has steadily been increasing the last few months/weeks. He is enjoying working with the young men in our ward and is keeping himself busy and productive!

Corina (ME!)...
... is looking forward to Spring and warmer weather. I've been so happy to spot a few cherry blossoms across town the last few days and it feels like I'm about to emerge from a dark winter and into the most glorious time of year. I am looking forward to doing some fun things with the girls this week, while Reagan is on Spring Break, as well as a little mini getaway this weekend. I've been loving my new calling with the Cub Scouts and the opportunity it gives me to have something that is mine to work on, as well as the chance to meet lots of new people in our neighborhood.

... is blowing everyone's mind with the fact that she's getting ready to start Kindergarten in the Fall. She just finished a full season of ballet and is gearing up for some summer swimming lessons. She loves the water. She still loves to play with her little princesses, doll house, and legos. She is getting really close to reading and knows lots of "power words" and the sounds of almost all of the letters. She loves being read too, can't live without a story before bed, and thinks it's just about the funnest thing ever when we read a few stories while eating lunch. She is full of energy, optimism, and passion and truly seems to love life.

... is almost three! About last November she decided to potty train herself which was fantastic and so different from the experience we had potty training Reagan. She had a few hiccups while we were in Hawaii and a few weeks back in pull-ups when we came home but is back on board and I'd say fully potty trained. She also gave up the binky (a while ago) by herself which was also very different than our experience with Reagan. She jumps around when she's happy or excited and loves to help in the kitchen as a "baker," "breakfast maker," or "cooker." She has perfected the tantrum and can out scream just about anyone. She has quite the sophisticated palate for a two year old and loves to eat pistachios (and can open them by herself) and will give almost any food a try (including artichoke this past weekend).

Our house...
... is still a work in progress, although the projects are at such a great spot right now. We have reached a stopping point upstairs (now that almost everything is redone) and are gearing up to start finishing the basement. We will be starting with quite a bit of work on the furnace (turning it 180 degrees and moving it over about 10 inches as well as getting basically all new ducts), followed by digging out some window wells. I can't wait until the whole project is finished (and our *tiny* house is basically doubled in size)!

Our yard...
... will hopefully yield us some tasty veggies from our garden this year. After a year or two of not having a garden we have decided to jump back in the game. In Layton we often had lots of wildlife (deer, raccoon...etc.) visiting our garden so we are hoping to have a bit more success at our new house. We will hopefully be adding a few other necessities to our yard this summer too, like a shed, and maybe a playhouse or trampoline for the girls.

Travel plans...
... are on hold until after Jordan's big work deadline. After our crazy adventurous year last year I am definitely feeling the itch to go somewhere fun sometime soon. It is killing me not having a trip to look forward to, or plan and research.

Not much else to update on, and so thus concludes the (very sporadic) Sorensen Quarterly Review.

^^Such a happy spot in my house!

Easter 2018


We had a really wonderful Easter weekend this year. It is great when Easter falls during General Conference. This weekend felt extra fun and celebratory. To kick off our Easter celebrations, last Monday for Family Home Evening we dyed Easter Eggs. I've mentioned this a few times but Reagan is at such a great age. It's so fun trying new things like this with her. Naomi was pretty grouchy while we were doing this little activity but that didn't stop us. We ended up with a rainbow of eggs.

^^Based on the angle of this picture, I'm pretty sure it was taken on accident or as a lighting test, but I love it. This is what Reagan does when she's really excited about something, or wants to really emphasize her thought.

Reagan had her Preschool Easter party on Thursday and I got to come and decorate sugar cookies with the kids. I always love helping in Reagan's class and seeing her with all her classmates.

We watched the Saturday morning session of General Conference at home this year and then headed to Layton for an Easter Egg Hunt. The girls had a blast and it's always fun catching up with friends. We opted for the General Conference radio drive method for the afternoon session, which is particularly nice for the girls right now. We drove during the entire session (the whole length of Redwood Road) and ended at Jordan's parents' house so we could have family dinner and all of the boys could go to priesthood together.

^^Naomi has this special talent where whenever she's eating chocolate she gets completely messy, even just 1 chocolate chip will do the trick.

The Easter Bunny visited our house Sunday morning and left the girls a few things in their Easter baskets as well as hid eggs around the house, and left a self portrait on the living room rug made out of jelly beans.

One of the things the Easter bunny brought was some Unicorn cereal, which is like cupcake flavored fruit loops. The girls obviously had to have some for breakfast. Reagan took one bite and said, "This tastes like unicorns and cupcakes mixed with rainbows!" which I think means she liked it. We also had an almond kringle as a special Easter breakfast.

We watched the morning session at home again and then for the afternoon session we did another drive. This time we drove the length of 1300 E. to Wasatch and ended up at my parents' house for a tasty Easter dinner followed by games and a little Easter Egg hunt for the girls.

General Conference was monumental! So many new and exciting changes and announcements. I was so happy to have been able to participate and witness these announcements and changes. I truly drank from the fountain of inspiration this weekend and am excited to study these messages more in-depth in the coming months. I wrote down 3-4 questions before conference and received answers to all of my questions and was reminded that my Heavenly Father does know me and is aware of my struggles and will help me if I ask. 
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