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Cherry Blossoms at the Capitol


I love visiting the cherry blossoms at the Utah State Capitol every spring. (Last time I blogged about it here, with baby Naomi!) These blossoms are such a happy introduction to Spring and warmer weather. I know that I can't wait around for happiness and need to be happy in the here and now, but during the dead of winter I feel like I'm DYING, waiting for warm weather and sunshine. And now that it's finally arriving I couldn't be more pleased. We packed a backpack full of snacks and treats and walked around the whole capitol. These trees are so gorgeous in full bloom!

^^The girls both asked me when these were going to "pop." "When will this one pop"

^^Naomi with shoes on the wrong feet, looking through her noculars...

^^I'm pretty sure this is just about the most precious picture of all time...

^^And a quick self-timer one with me in it, because I was there too...

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  1. Yes, it is the most precious picture of all time.


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