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Naomi's Cinco de Mayo Birthday Party


We celebrated our sweet Nomi girl on Saturday with a Cinco de Mayo Taco party. We fiesta-ed like there was no mañana! For days leading up to her birthday whenever we asked her about it or asked her if she wanted a party or presents she adamantly said no. She didn’t want any of it and she especially didn’t want to be three! (She wanted to be 5 like Reagan will be on her birthday) I’m not sure what happened but after we decided a Cinco de Mayo party would be fun she had a change of heart and got excited for her “cinco to mayo party.” We made a cute little video invitation (which you should most definitely not miss at the bottom) and the girls insisted they do a Mexican Hat Dance at the party. We had a taco bar, mormon margaritas, and churros! After the party, while we were putting the girls to bed I asked Naomi what her favorite part of the party was and her reply was, "Eating."A girl after my own heart! She was double fisting churros and drank about 7 glasses of mormon margaritas. I sure love this girl! And I also love a great excuse to eat tacos and spend some time with our family!

^^This was the Ken Barbie Reagan picked to give to Naomi. Man-bun Ken. We all decided he looks a little strange, especially his arm muscles...

And of course I have to share this little video because her cute little voice just about kills me!

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