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Naomi is THREE


Our little baby is THREE! We celebrated last night, a day early, with the funnest Cinco de Mayo party. At this point in Naomi's life she really only wants to do something if Reagan does it first. She idolizes Reagan and copies anything and everything Reagan does. Naomi was the sweetest baby and after turning 2 lost a bit of her sweetness as she entered the terrible twos. She's learning more about the world and about communication and I can see why it would be a frustrating time of life. I'm excited for her to not be two anymore thought because I know that turning three comes with more skills and growth. Given that, I still obviously love her to pieces and think she's a pretty special little girl. Naomi is our cuddly child, who is full of passion (like her sister), and who has a very sophisticated palate for a little person. I think I can safely say that her favorite food is pistachio nuts (and when they're hard to open she says, "It's too locked!" ) and her favorite drink is lemonade. She is a MAJOR carnivore and will absolutely pound meat, any kind. She has a silly little accent and sometimes adds extra syllables to words, like back'a'yard. She likes to give neck squeezes which truly feel divine, like an infusion of all of the love she can give. She loves to jump (with both feet together), and especially jump off of things. She usually jumps out of the car, down every step, and at any opportunity really. She is a great little dancer and really loves ballet. Naomi potty trained herself and gave up the binky all on her own and also gave up her naps early on into the 2-year-old phase. She has the most beautiful curls in her hair and I'm so scared to get it cut for fear that they wont return. Her hair is like magic. It looks great even without brushing it after baths, and stays put in a "hairstyle" as the girls call it after a full day of play. This little girl is very cute and I love her to pieces! I'm so happy that I get to be her mom! We love having her in our family.

^^This is her signature dance move, she points down and lifts her arms up and down while saying, "Boooogie, boooooogie...." over and over.

^^This is her other favorite dance move, which is called "Yeehaw!"


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