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Reagan's Princess Splash Pad Birthday Party


Our little Miss Reagan Jane turned 5 last week. F.I.V.E. How has it been five years/how has it only been five years? This girl had grand plans for her birthday. She knew she wanted it to involve water and I was able to persuade her to have her party at a splash pad instead of a pool. She was so excited about everything that had to do with her party. She was excited about the invitations and the decorations and we have been talking about this party every day since April. She wanted a Princess Splash Pad Birthday Party. She was so happy and excited during the whole party and helped me get it all set up. We rented a pavilion at the splash pad and had fruit, veggies, and Chick-Fil-A nuggets for lunch with Kool-Aid pouches for the kids. In the middle of the party we had a little water balloon fight which was really fun. All of the little girls ended up chasing and trying to throw water balloons at Jordan. She got lots of great presents including lots of Legos and bead/jewelry kits. She had a popsicle "cake" where we stuck her candle so we could sing to her and have her blow out the candle.

We love our little 5 year old and are excited for another year of her excitement and enthusiasm as well as her sass and spunk! Kindergarten here we come!



Over Memorial Day weekend I went to New York City with my mom, Annett, and Shelly. We were there for about 4 days and we were able to do a LOT. We went to the Downton Abbey Exhibit, The Plaza, Bloomingdales, Dylan's Candy Bar, Shake Shack, Times Square, saw 2 shows (Carousel and Wicked), went to Canal Street, the Century 21 flagship store, ate at Eately, saw the Wall Street Bull, rode the Staten Island Ferry, visited the 9/11 museum, Levain Bakery, Central Park and Sheeps Meadow, we also went to church on Sunday and did a session at the temple on our last morning in town. Millions of pictures below!

I loved this Downton Abbey Exhibit. There were a few things in Downton Abbey that were filmed on a set rather than at Highclere Castle, and those sets were at this exhibit... like the kitchen, and servants dining room, as well as Mary's bedroom. There were also props and clothes from the show on display, which were really neat to see, like the girls' wedding dresses.

^^We stopped by the Plaza mostly as a bathroom stop in the Food Halls, but discovered the Eloise shop and I HAD to stop by and pick up a few things for my girls. Eloise was a book I loved as a girl and I have recently been reading it to my girls!

^^Annett spent a million hours and dollars at this button store down the street from our hotel. We stayed in the garment district and discovered a few really neat stores.

^^Souvenirs from Canal Street.

^^Views from Eataly.

^^I loved riding the Staten Island Ferry and seeing that beautiful Lady Liberty up close.

^^We walked passed a hotel that had a sign that said it had unobstructed views of the Empire State Building from a rooftop bar. I wanted to take some pictures of the pretty Memorial Day lights so my mom and I headed over there one night and the bar was closed! But the nice doorman let us sneak up and snap some pictures anyway. So nice!

^^This was my second visit to the 9/11 museum and just as emotional and draining and fantastic.

We trekked over to Levain Bakery to try some of their delicious cookies. Worth it!

^^I found some amazing seats to Wicked on Seat Geek, 3rd row! It was fabulous!!

After Wicked we walked a few blocks North, past the Ed Sullivan/Stephen Colbert Theater and found a little diner to eat dinner. As we were walking past the Stephen Colbert Theater we walked past Molly Shannon on the sidewalk! There were 2 white trailers on the street, one labeled wardrobe and the other make up and hair. I'm not sure what was bring filmed but I'm intrigued to find out. After dinner we walked home through Times Square with a stop at the TKTS stairs.

^^It was so fun visiting this peaceful place inside the BUSIEST of cities. The temple was also much smaller than I thought it was going to be, smaller than the temples I'm used to in Utah, which are always packed FULL of people.

Love visiting this busy city! (Previous trip to NYC here, and here, and here)
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