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Triple Bypass and a Weekend in Colorado + A Flooded Basement


Last weekend Jordan rode in a 120 mile bike race with 11,000+ feet of climbing. It was a really tough race and I'm so proud of him and all of his hard work. We had a great weekend in Colorado with Annett, Jim, and Ann. Annett brought Frozen coloring posters and glitter crayons and colored pencils for the girls so I guess you can say Annett is the favorite around these parts. In fact last week Reagan told me that she liked Annett more than she liked me. Ha!

On our way home from Colorado we spent a day in Glenwood Springs swimming at the hot springs. My parents came over and met us and we made a really fun day out of it. It was a blast. Reagan went to these hot springs when she was 2 months old (and even fell asleep being held in the water), but somehow this was Jordan's first time. It was fun swimming with my whole family since I've been swimming at this pool my entire life.

We had a little car scare while we were driving out to Colorado and were so lucky everything turned out ok when we learned that one of our front tires just about fell off. The lug nuts were so loose they could be taken off with just some untwisting by hand. We were really being watched over, and after a 2 hour break at the McDonald's in Price with our car across the street at the tire shop we were back on our way.

After our fun day of swimming we drove the rest of the way home. We pulled into the driveway at about 11:30 to discover that a sprinkler pipe had burst and was flooding our newly dug out window well which was flooding through the window and into our basement. We spent 2 stressful hours getting the water turned off, scooping/dumping buckets of water out of the window well and then squeege-ing and sweeping all of the water to the drain.

Our amazing bishop not only answered the door at 11:30 but lent us the tools to get the water turned off and then came over to help us with the clean up. We also had a lot of great help the next morning getting everything out of the basement and to the backyard to dry out. Jordan didn't go to work the next day so we could get everything figured out.

We were really lucky and most of our stuff is already at our storage unit and most of the stuff we did have in the basement was in rubbermaid bins. We only had a few casualties. I'm also SOOOO glad this happened before the basement was all finished.

^^The water in the window well was right up to the middle. You can see the water line under the locks.


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