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Reagan's First Day of Kindergarten


I have been putting off this blog post because maybe if I don't blog about it it didn't happen... except that she's at school right now, and I have been driving the carpool line for a week now and we've even had a bit of homework already. My tiny baby started Kindergarten last week. She was beyond ready and is so happy and cheerful every morning while getting ready for school and always has a smile on her face when I pick her up. She is a social girl and loves being with other kids. She is going to full day kindergarten and I'm sure it has been a bigger adjustment for me than for her. I love her cheerful, happy, optimism for every situation in life. (Side note: She is so optimistic and only wants to see the good in the world that whenever we're watching a movie or reading a book with any kind of bad guy she says can't they just make the movie/book without the bad guys? Like she just wants a happy story from start to finish with basically no climax or conflict.) She looked beautiful on her first day of school and I can't wait to see all that she learns and how much she grows this school year.

Magic Kingdom


While Jordan and I were on the cruise our girls traveled to Orlando with my Mom. We were able to spend about a day a half in Orlando after the cruise and decided to go to Magic Kingdom. Everyone kept telling us not to go in August but we still had a great time. A real sweaty time, but a great time nonetheless. We asked Reagan what her favorite part was and she said, "The rides!" so we asked the follow-up question of which ones, and she said that she loved Splash Mountain and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. She rode Splash Mountain and immediately upon getting off asked if she could do it again. It was a really fun day. We were at the park for 13 hours and according to my apple watch we walked close to 8 miles.

Right when we got into the park Jordan looked at my face and said, "Oh! You're so sweaty!" Haha at 9am. I reached new levels of hotness that I have never experienced in my life and never hope to feel again. But even despite the heat we had an awesome day! Don't miss the video at the bottom.

Babymoon/8th Anniversary Cruise


Jordan and I went on a little Babymoon/Anniversary getaway last week. We ended up doing almost the same cruise as last year, the only differences were that we departed from a different port and we were on a different boat, but the duration and destination were the same. We left on Wednesday night on a red-eye and flew to Orlando. When we got there we were exhausted. You'd think we would have been more rested after like 20 five minute naps...NOT. We couldn't get on our boat until 12:30 so we did something we've never done before... got a hotel room for 4 hours just to take a nap. It was worth every penny and we no longer felt like zombies.

We took the ship to Nassau in The Bahamas and were so excited to revisit Cabbage Beach. We've had a hard time getting a taxi both times we've been in Nassau and after standing around waiting for a taxi driver to gather enough people to fill his van we decided to try another method. I saw a guy holding a sign that said, "Paradise Island, Atlantis, Cabbage Beach" standing by this desk thing. I walked over and said, "Cabbage Beach?" and this lady in a security guard uniform said, "Follow them!" So I started following 2 families out through the gate and over to a limo! When we got to the limo everyone said, "$4?" because that's supposed to be the standard fare over to Paradise Island, and the driver said yep. So in we got! One of the families we were with was from the Virgin Islands and they were hilarious and the other family was from Dubai. The mom from the Virgin Islands was cracking all sorts of jokes and kept saying things like, "Oh! We SO fancy! We come to The Bahamas and live a limo life! Hashtag Limo Life!" "You know I'm gonna say something on facebook 'bout how fancy we are!"

The other great part about the limo was that the driver took us way farther down the beach than we got dropped off last time for just a few extra dollars. We had been a little worried about the long walk down the beach because the spot we like is WAY down the beach, at least a mile or mile and a half. And we knew walking on the sand in the sweltering heat and humidity was going to be hard for me (#pregnantlife).

We had a great day at the beach, enjoyed the fancy restaurants on the ship, went to some funny comedy shows (one PG show and one comedy juggling show), we each read an entire book, and ate lots of delicious wood fired pizza. What a fun trip!

^^Our room was on the 2nd floor on the slanty part of the very back. We chose this room because it had a unique shape which made it bigger than the standard Oceanview rooms.

^^Atlantis Hotel in the distance

^^Twenty weeks pregnant!

Alturas 2018


Yesterday we finished up another fun year at Alturas. Reagan's favorite thing in the world is jumping into water so she had the best time jumping off the dock over and over and over until her lips turned blue and her chin was quivering. We FROZE the first night but made some adjustments and survived the second two nights. I decided to make a little stop motion video this year to change things up, above is the video and below are some of my favorite shots.

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