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Magic Kingdom


While Jordan and I were on the cruise our girls traveled to Orlando with my Mom. We were able to spend about a day a half in Orlando after the cruise and decided to go to Magic Kingdom. Everyone kept telling us not to go in August but we still had a great time. A real sweaty time, but a great time nonetheless. We asked Reagan what her favorite part was and she said, "The rides!" so we asked the follow-up question of which ones, and she said that she loved Splash Mountain and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. She rode Splash Mountain and immediately upon getting off asked if she could do it again. It was a really fun day. We were at the park for 13 hours and according to my apple watch we walked close to 8 miles.

Right when we got into the park Jordan looked at my face and said, "Oh! You're so sweaty!" Haha at 9am. I reached new levels of hotness that I have never experienced in my life and never hope to feel again. But even despite the heat we had an awesome day! Don't miss the video at the bottom.

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  1. Super cute video, you rock the minnie ears! :) Why didn't you catch the lizard and bring it home?? hahaha


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