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Reagan's First Day of Kindergarten


I have been putting off this blog post because maybe if I don't blog about it it didn't happen... except that she's at school right now, and I have been driving the carpool line for a week now and we've even had a bit of homework already. My tiny baby started Kindergarten last week. She was beyond ready and is so happy and cheerful every morning while getting ready for school and always has a smile on her face when I pick her up. She is a social girl and loves being with other kids. She is going to full day kindergarten and I'm sure it has been a bigger adjustment for me than for her. I love her cheerful, happy, optimism for every situation in life. (Side note: She is so optimistic and only wants to see the good in the world that whenever we're watching a movie or reading a book with any kind of bad guy she says can't they just make the movie/book without the bad guys? Like she just wants a happy story from start to finish with basically no climax or conflict.) She looked beautiful on her first day of school and I can't wait to see all that she learns and how much she grows this school year.

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  1. SO SO CUTE! I didn't realize she was going to full day, wow!! How fun to have such an optimistic kid :)


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