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Weekend in Colorado


Nestled between two other trips we squeezed in a weekend in Colorado for Jackson's farewell. We literally left the cemetery in Logan and headed right on out of town to drive to Colorado. The girls and I drove over with my mom and spent a few fast, fun days with family.  We ended up stopping on the way over and spent the night at a hotel in Parachute. In the morning we woke up and drove straight to Cherry Creek Reservoir for a fun morning boating. Reagan jumped off the side of the boat over and over and we got to watch Jack and Bailey surf.

I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of Jackson but he did so amazing on his farewell talk and even sang at his own farewell. It was awesome. He is going to be a killer missionary in Chihuahua, Mexico leaving in 9 days! Sunday night they had an open house for Jackson and Shari obviously made the most tasty food ever and threw a pretty great party.

A few other highlights from our trip included lunch with my grandma at Kokoro, dinner at Dennis and April's house, and lots of good time spent at Shari's house.


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