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Bryce Canyon Family Reunion


We spent the weekend at Bryce Canyon with Jordan's family. We skipped out of town on Friday morning and headed down to Panguitch. After resting for a bit we headed out for a drive. We drove to Cedar Breaks and were totally floored by the changing colors of all of the leaves. I'm not sure if it was the time of day we were out, or the kind of trees, but some of them looked like fire. They were gorgeous. We went to one look out spot and then stopped at Panguitch Lake for some rock throwing.

Saturday we spent all day at the National Park. There's a fire at Bryce Canyon National Park right now so that caused us to change our plans only slightly, but we still ended up with a really full day. We checked out lots of view points in the morning, including Natural Bridge, Piracy Point, Swamp Canyon, Paria View and then we had a picnic lunch at Sunset Point before checking out Thor's Hammer. From there we went to the Visitor Center and then went to hike to Mossy Cave. This was a great little hike. There was a pretty waterfall and a cave to see and it was only .8 miles. Perfect for our little crew. At the end our girls of course couldn't resist dipping their feet in the creek.

It was a great weekend with lots of tasty food, fun games, and family time. Thanks for the getaway Dave and Martha!

^^Reagan's fashion lately.... She has so many opinions and wants to be so "fashion" (fashionable).

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