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Utah State Fair


We went to the State Fair on Monday night for family night. Logan and Alex tagged along with us and we loved having them join us, especially Logan just 2 nights before heading to the MTC. We chose to go on Monday because it was All You Can Eat Ice Cream night. We ate dinner there and enjoyed all of the fair food and goodies. The girls have been on a big Charlotte's Web kick so they couldn't stop singing A Fair is a Veritable Schmorgasboard-orgasboard. We checked out the animals and then rode the ferris wheel. Reagan rode her favorite monster truck ride and Naomi rode the ferris wheel. Reagan was not fond of the goat smell, which was hilarious. Even after we left the goat building she said, "It still smells like goats. I do not like the goat smell!" It was a really fun night.

^^I was so tempted to stop in for some "fancy items" but I resisted.

^^If you want to know why I take this girl to Disneyland it's because it's like 2 straight days of this face and seeing her that happy and excited is amazing.


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