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My Third Pregnancy


Here is a photo of me pregnant with baby number 3. It will be among the very few photos out there of it's kind. Unlike my pregnancy with Reagan where I took TONS of pictures of my belly and slightly better than Naomi's where I took about 2. This pregnancy has been different than the other two, mostly because I feel like I have been in a different stage of life each time. I am thankfully nearing the end and am beyond excited to meet this tiny babe. This time around there has been just as much nausea and throw up, more heartburn, more fatigue, and way more sweating (being pregnant all summer is NO JOKE!). This little babe is also a lot more wiggily than my girls were when they were in my belly. He is a kicker and a jabber. The girls are excited to have a baby brother. Naomi is excited to be a little sister AND a big sister, and has made many declarations along the lines of, "When the baby is born, I will become a big girl."

Reagan Lately...


Reagan has about 20-30 minutes of homework every night. She has worked really hard and gotten so much better at a lot of skills since starting Kindergarten. Sometimes the homework load is a bit difficult for a 5 year old but I've been trying to really focus on how magical it has been to watch her learn how to read and how it has finally started to "click."

A few weeks ago Reagan lost her first tooth. She actually lost her first two teeth about a week apart! It was so fun to have the Tooth Fairy visit our house for the very first time! Reagan's two bottom teeth had been pretty wiggly for a few weeks. She stopped eating apples and was very careful about who got to look at and feel how loose they were. On Sunday night I felt how particularly wiggily one of them was and then on Monday morning Reagan and Naomi were playing on the floor and I glanced over and thought, "Hmmm, it looks like Reagan is missing a tooth." So I asked Reagan if she had lost her tooth and she ran over to me and it was true! She had lost her tooth! She didn't believe me and had to run to the bathroom to check in the mirror. We were slightly worried that she had swallowed it during the night because we couldn't find it anywhere. Finally hours later, Naomi and I found it under the piano bench. It had literally just fallen out while they were playing and Reagan didn't even notice.

With the loss of Reagan's first tooth and $5 from the Tooth Fairy (she only got $5 for the first tooth because it was extra special) she was able to finally earn $40 and her Sleeping Beauty Legos. She worked hard for MONTHS for this and it was great to see her actually finish the chart. She mostly earned this money from emptying the dishwasher. On the day she earned it we spent a few hours at the dining room table building legos all together and it was such a fun afternoon I never want to forget. I helped Reagan build her new castle and Jordan and Naomi rebuilt the Beauty and the Beast castle. Our girls LOVE legos and can spend HOURS playing and building.

Thanksgiving 2018


Thanksgiving was great this year. We switch off Thanksgivings and this year we were supposed to be with our Sorensen Family. We enjoyed our first Sorensen Thanksgiving in Utah this year instead of our usual Sorensen Thanksgiving in Boise. Because my in-laws are the best in all the land, they graciously invited my parents to be with us for Thanksgiving too (since they are empty-nesters!). It was wonderful having everyone I loved in one place for this holiday (minus two missionaries who I really missed). Reagan had the idea to write a personalized note for everyone attending our Thanksgiving Dinner. She wrote and drew 18 notes. They were all very cute and thoughtful. On my mom's card she drew a picture of them ice skating together with Reagan showing off her muscles, on Landan's she drew a picture of his family, on Jessica's she drew the two of them "being fashionable." They were all really cute. Austan and my dad worked on a 2000 piece puzzle that Jordan and I started last Christmas that ended up being WAY over our puzzling abilities. Martha cooked so much delicious food and I ended the day feeling very grateful. Like it says in Garfield Thanksgiving, "The more you eat, the more grateful you are." I felt so fortunate to have so many people to love, to have a warm house, and everything I need this Thanksgiving season.

Throughout November we added leaves to our Thankful Tree every night while we ate dinner. I loved hearing what the girls came up with every night. Reagan's were very thoughtful and Naomi's were mostly animals or princesses but still very cute. Jordan lost his job on November 2nd so I particularly enjoyed reflecting on my blessings and all that I have to be grateful for during this trying time. Even without employment we still have so much to be thankful for.

^^Some of Reagan's: smile, books, legos, home, Olivia, friends, Disney On Ice, brother, Christmas, pens and markers, Thanksgiving, and learning

^^Some of Naomi's: Daddy, duplos, Elsa, Rapunzel, Minnie, Princesses, turkey, hairstyles, cows, storytime, parents, crunchy peanuts, french fries, monkey, pig, elephant

On Black Friday we skipped all of the shopping and went and saw Ralph Breaks the Internet. The girls loved it. Reagan learned a silent cheer at school and she kept signing her silent cheer periodically throughout the entire movie.

Donuts and Diapers


My amazing friend, Amy Jo, threw me the cutest baby shower. Everything was completely perfect including the donut pegboard (with donuts from Banbury Cross!). I felt very loved. This baby was showered with gifts and everything we needed for his impending arrival.

^^This could not be more true. "Every month has an average of 30 days, except the last month of pregnancy which has about 1330 days."

Thank you Amy Jo! For not only the best baby shower but for your friendship and love!

Halloween 2018


Another Halloween is in the books! While I did really enjoy the holiday this year, I have to admit that I had all of the Halloween decorations down and away by 9:15am November 1. I'm not sure if it's because completing Halloween means we're one step closer to welcoming our new baby or if it's just because I was tired of the decorations or if I'm ready to move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas, both holidays I enjoy even more than Halloween.

At any rate here is a little Halloween recap. This year was a three costume year for Reagan. We started our festivities with Trunk-r-Treat with Jordan's parents' ward, and costume #1 was Belle (again, she was Belle last year). I dressed up as an avocado, and Jordan as a bowler (although I don't have any pictures of his costume :(  ) The girls had a great time and collected way more candy than they need.

Next up, is not necessarily Halloween related but Fall none the less. Last Sunday night we went up American Fork Canyon and made tinfoil dinners with my parents. The foliage was fantastic. It was beautiful and breathtaking. Our tinfoil dinners were tasty but the dutch oven peach cobbler we had for dessert was the best part. We brought a few boxes of sparklers we've had laying around since the 4th of July and the girls had fun waving them around once it got dark.

For family night on Monday we had a little Halloween "Party." We went and got drinks and cookies  at Maverick (solely because this pregnant mama was craving a drink and we had some free cookie coupons) and then had chili and carved pumpkins while listening to Halloween music. Jordan's pumpkin turned out AMAZING! After we finish our pumpkin carving we drove around our neighborhood looking at decorations, particularly one house that goes all out with a projection of clips from The Nightmare Before Christmas with the radio tune in music. We read Room on the Broom while we drove home and then the girls headed to bed. Room on the Broom has been a family favorite the last few years. This year Naomi appointed herself the task of saying, "Whoosh! And they were gone!" and she says it with real gusto. It's the cutest thing. I didn't take pictures of the pumpkins lit up but you can see them in the pictures below sitting on our steps.

Costume #2 for Reagan was for school. She dressed up as Anna from Frozen. We thought she was just going to be Anna for Halloween this year but she threw us a curve ball at the last minute which was just fine.

Before Trick or Treating we had our spooky Halloween "Feast" complete with Halloween candles, all orange dishes, and mummies and tots. We watched about 30 minutes of The Nightmare Before Christmas and then got our costumes on to get ready to head out.

Costume #3 for Reagan was Sleeping Beauty for trick or treating. Naomi was SOOOO excited about trick or treating this year. After every house she'd sprint down the driveway to inform us what kind of candy she got and to run on to the next house. At one point she told Jordan that if she ran she could get more candy faster. We went down our street and then to a few other houses of friends in our ward. We finished the night sorting the candy, collecting our parent tax, and then watched Room on the Broom before bed.

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