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My Third Pregnancy


Here is a photo of me pregnant with baby number 3. It will be among the very few photos out there of it's kind. Unlike my pregnancy with Reagan where I took TONS of pictures of my belly and slightly better than Naomi's where I took about 2. This pregnancy has been different than the other two, mostly because I feel like I have been in a different stage of life each time. I am thankfully nearing the end and am beyond excited to meet this tiny babe. This time around there has been just as much nausea and throw up, more heartburn, more fatigue, and way more sweating (being pregnant all summer is NO JOKE!). This little babe is also a lot more wiggily than my girls were when they were in my belly. He is a kicker and a jabber. The girls are excited to have a baby brother. Naomi is excited to be a little sister AND a big sister, and has made many declarations along the lines of, "When the baby is born, I will become a big girl."


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