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Reagan has about 20-30 minutes of homework every night. She has worked really hard and gotten so much better at a lot of skills since starting Kindergarten. Sometimes the homework load is a bit difficult for a 5 year old but I've been trying to really focus on how magical it has been to watch her learn how to read and how it has finally started to "click."

A few weeks ago Reagan lost her first tooth. She actually lost her first two teeth about a week apart! It was so fun to have the Tooth Fairy visit our house for the very first time! Reagan's two bottom teeth had been pretty wiggly for a few weeks. She stopped eating apples and was very careful about who got to look at and feel how loose they were. On Sunday night I felt how particularly wiggily one of them was and then on Monday morning Reagan and Naomi were playing on the floor and I glanced over and thought, "Hmmm, it looks like Reagan is missing a tooth." So I asked Reagan if she had lost her tooth and she ran over to me and it was true! She had lost her tooth! She didn't believe me and had to run to the bathroom to check in the mirror. We were slightly worried that she had swallowed it during the night because we couldn't find it anywhere. Finally hours later, Naomi and I found it under the piano bench. It had literally just fallen out while they were playing and Reagan didn't even notice.

With the loss of Reagan's first tooth and $5 from the Tooth Fairy (she only got $5 for the first tooth because it was extra special) she was able to finally earn $40 and her Sleeping Beauty Legos. She worked hard for MONTHS for this and it was great to see her actually finish the chart. She mostly earned this money from emptying the dishwasher. On the day she earned it we spent a few hours at the dining room table building legos all together and it was such a fun afternoon I never want to forget. I helped Reagan build her new castle and Jordan and Naomi rebuilt the Beauty and the Beast castle. Our girls LOVE legos and can spend HOURS playing and building.


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