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Thanksgiving 2018


Thanksgiving was great this year. We switch off Thanksgivings and this year we were supposed to be with our Sorensen Family. We enjoyed our first Sorensen Thanksgiving in Utah this year instead of our usual Sorensen Thanksgiving in Boise. Because my in-laws are the best in all the land, they graciously invited my parents to be with us for Thanksgiving too (since they are empty-nesters!). It was wonderful having everyone I loved in one place for this holiday (minus two missionaries who I really missed). Reagan had the idea to write a personalized note for everyone attending our Thanksgiving Dinner. She wrote and drew 18 notes. They were all very cute and thoughtful. On my mom's card she drew a picture of them ice skating together with Reagan showing off her muscles, on Landan's she drew a picture of his family, on Jessica's she drew the two of them "being fashionable." They were all really cute. Austan and my dad worked on a 2000 piece puzzle that Jordan and I started last Christmas that ended up being WAY over our puzzling abilities. Martha cooked so much delicious food and I ended the day feeling very grateful. Like it says in Garfield Thanksgiving, "The more you eat, the more grateful you are." I felt so fortunate to have so many people to love, to have a warm house, and everything I need this Thanksgiving season.

Throughout November we added leaves to our Thankful Tree every night while we ate dinner. I loved hearing what the girls came up with every night. Reagan's were very thoughtful and Naomi's were mostly animals or princesses but still very cute. Jordan lost his job on November 2nd so I particularly enjoyed reflecting on my blessings and all that I have to be grateful for during this trying time. Even without employment we still have so much to be thankful for.

^^Some of Reagan's: smile, books, legos, home, Olivia, friends, Disney On Ice, brother, Christmas, pens and markers, Thanksgiving, and learning

^^Some of Naomi's: Daddy, duplos, Elsa, Rapunzel, Minnie, Princesses, turkey, hairstyles, cows, storytime, parents, crunchy peanuts, french fries, monkey, pig, elephant

On Black Friday we skipped all of the shopping and went and saw Ralph Breaks the Internet. The girls loved it. Reagan learned a silent cheer at school and she kept signing her silent cheer periodically throughout the entire movie.


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