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Christmas 2018


We must have all been on the nice list this year because Santa paid another visit to our house. But first let me back up. On Christmas Eve we went and saw the new Grinch movie with our Sorensen family at about noon. After the movie we went to Jordan's parent's house for a late lunch/early dinner of lasagna. After lunch we played some games and then early evening we headed to Beth's house. We had a call with our missionaries scheduled for 6:00. We started our fondue dinner at 5 and then connected with both missionaries on Google Hangouts. It was so fun to see their faces and hear them talk. It seemed like they were mostly excited to talk to each other (rather than us). Logan talked with us for exactly 1 hour and Dylan talked for many hours. After talking to our missionaries we did grab bag and then headed home for the night. The girls went to bed and fell asleep really fast, which we were surprised about because of their excitement levels.

^^Reagan colored this picture for Santa and set out his key (since we don't have a fireplace).

Santa set out a bunch of legos leading from the girls bed to the wrapped doorway to the living room including all of the lego advent pieces Reagan built all month. The girls had a countdown paper chain and that was taped to the doorway. In the morning Naomi woke up first and quietly came out of her room and closed the door. When she saw the hallway she immediately opened the door again and said, "Reagan Santa came! Wake up!" It was very cute!

Reagan wanted Cinderella legos and she also got a flamingo Polly Pocket and Naomi wanted "the same magnatiles from the library." So she got some Piccaso Magnetic Tiles. They were both thrilled. Jordan and I got a Ninja blender which have already broken in and are loving.

We played with our new toys and grazed on an almond kringle until about 10:30 and then we headed down to my parents' house for Christmas #2.

We ate some more delicious breakfast, a yummy casserole, orange rolls, and almond croissants and then opened presents. We were all spoiled. Reagan got more Cinderella legos and both girls got a Pioneer Woman Barbie kitchen which was a hit. They also got gifted a trip to Disneyland which we're all excited about! We had a yummy pot roast lunch/dinner and then headed to Sandy for Christmas #3.

We got lots of great presents at the Sorensen's. One funny thing that happened was lots of duplicate presents. We gave Landan and Stephanie a game that Austan gave to us, Landan and Devan gave each other the same present and Reagan got two presents she had already received earlier in the day. We got a Ring doorbell from the family which was so nice. We all gave Martha book of recreated photos of the boys throughout the years and it had her crying she was was laughing so hard.

It was a wonderful Christmas and we were so blessed. Our new baby didn't want to join us this year for Christmas and delayed his arrival. Reagan caught on to the real meaning of Christmas this year and told us multiple times that "Christmas was about family and love and celebrating Jesus being born."


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