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December Happenings


We have had a busy and exciting December and I have so many things that need to be documented. So this is my giant December blog post detailing all our happenings minus the two biggest parts of the month because they haven't happened yet (Christmas and the baby!).

On December 2nd we had a big snow storm and right after church the girls insisted on playing in the snow so we broke out all of the snow gear and bundled them up. They were so cute to watch running around in the snow. They made snow angels and tried to throw snow balls and finally they convinced Jordan to come out and make a snowman with them. I know I'm biased, but I think that it was the cutest snowman I've ever seen!

We've been doing our Family Advent again this year and one of our activities was to make Gingerbread Houses. A little part of Reagan's roof came off, which opened a bit of a window. She put all of her leftover candy INSIDE the house and declared that it was a candy shop. "Come on in! We have FREE stuff!" she said. Naomi said hers was a dress shop.

On December 8th, Naomi had her Christmas ballet recital. She looked so beautiful and actually did most of the dance this year (unlike last year, where she kind of just stood there). She danced to "Is it you Santa Claus?" She was so thrilled to receive roses at the end of the performance, I think that was her favorite part.

A few days later, on the 11th, Reagan had her school Christmas Program. We got the girls Christmas dresses out a few weeks early for the occasion. Reagan enthusiastically sang "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer," complete with "parts." (Reagan got to sing "Like monopoly!" "Like a flashlight" "Like George Washington") And after her song she got to do some acting! They did a cute little "skit" with actions. She did great!

On December 1st my mom took the girls and I to see A Christmas Carol put on by the Alpine Community Theater. Scrooge was played by a man in her ward who was so fantastic. I was nervous about the girls sitting through a whole play but they did AMAZING! Reagan was all in and loved the story.  A favorite part was when it actually started snowing onstage near the end of the show. (Another added bonus was that my good friend Tara from BYU was in the play and also did fantastic!)

Another one of our advent activities was a trip to Temple Square to watch the Nativity movie and Mr. Krueger's Christmas at the Legacy Theater at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We had a great time being some of the only people in the big theater and afterward headed to the lobby to donate at the Giving Machines. We didn't get a chance to do this last year so I'm glad we made it this year. Reagan wanted to donate a first aid kit and a backpack and Naomi chose 3 newborn hats and clean water. It was a great opportunity to show the girls how we can help others around the world receive these basic necessities we take for granted.

Another great advent activity that we added this year was one-on-one dates with the girls. We did this two Saturdays in a row so we could each have a turn with both girls. I had Naomi first and we went and got ice cream at Sub Zero. I get to spend lots of alone time with this sweet girl but it was great to go do something "special." It was also great because I think her world is about to get a little jostled with the arrival of baby brother. (On this first date, Jordan and Reagan went to buy a Christmas present for Naomi and got frosties and fries afterward at Wendy's)

On December 12th we got to go to Reagan's school to have Christmas Lunch with her. I had a doctor's appointment that morning and Martha had been watching Naomi for me during that time so we asked if we could extend the babysitting and go to the Christmas Lunch without Naomi to focus on Reagan. It was a great time with our big Kindergartener.

I had a bright, clear, sunny day on my birthday this year which was such a welcome treat after many days of inversion. We celebrated at Benihana with my parents. (Jordan and the girls made my birthday into a week long celebration with presents and treats each day leading up to my birthday. They are the best!)

My Mommy-daughter date with Reagan was to get pedicures. I always like to get pedicures before I have a baby and Reagan had said something about wanting to try a pedicure again. (This was only her second time) We were going to give it to her as an "experience" Christmas present but it worked out to take her on the date instead. She had the best time and picked to have her toenails painted "blue, yellow, blue, yellow, with glitter" she also got little reindeer appliques as a bonus from the nice nail lady. After we got our nails done we went and shared a sugar cookie. As we were driving home Reagan said, "My dreams came true! I've been dreaming of doing that with you!"

The last day of school before Christmas Break was Ugly Sweater Day at school and Reagan asked if we could make one for her. I wasn't exactly feeling up to the task and mentioned that to Martha and she stepped in and saved the day! She suggested we make Christmas Tree shirts and provided the supplies and the sewing to make it happen. We found a really fun bag of buttons and decided to use those as ornaments. My favorite part of Reagan's shirt was the flamingos wearing sweaters. Naomi also got to make a "sweater" with Martha while I was at another doctor's appointment. And then as icing on the cake last night at the Sorensen family Christmas party/white elephant party Jordan opened Mike's Ugly Christmas Sweater from two years ago. They were quite the trio in their Christmas sweaters.


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