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Reagan's playdate to the State Capitol


Reagan got to go on a fun playdate with Olivia and Amy Jo over Christmas Break. She had been asking me if she could go on a playdate without Naomi for a while and I told her we could make that happen over her break. Amy Jo was sooooo nice to take Reagan on their fun outing to the Capitol. She took all of these cute pictures and I couldn't help but post them on my blog (especially since Reagan is smiling for these pictures way better than she usually smiles for my pictures). Reagan had the best time and came home so happy and said that she loved every minute of it. I even overheard her singing a made up song about the capitol later in the day while she was playing with her legos. The icing on the cake of the already super fun outing was Ruby Snap at the end. And Amy Jo was thoughtful enough to bring a cookie back for Jordan, Naomi, and I. Win, win, win, win! It sure pays off to have amazing and thoughtful friends.

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