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Valentine's Day


I love Valentine's Day! We continued on with our new tradition of Valentine's Day breakfast. The goal is to make it feel special but not to add to the madness. I set the table the night before with our red table cloth, all of our red and pink plates/ bowls/ cups, and then set out presents for Jordan and the girls. This year we had Trader Joe's Silver Dollar Pancakes for breakfast with Reddi Whip and sprinkles and OJ. As far as presents go Jordan got some chocolates and a nice card, Naomi got some gummies and Reagan got a pair of leggings with hearts on them and a new pack of markers (that had skin color markers, she's very intrigued by different skin colors and loves drawing people but hated that she didn't have skin colored markers, only colored pencils) and everyone got a bottle of fancy soda which we had with our dinner that night. Reagan had remembered our breakfast last year and was so excited for it again this year. That it why I love doing things like this. It's so easy to make something special with just a little bit of effort.

For Reagan's class Valentine's we made homemade crayons. I had been wanting to try this forever and had been saving all of our broken crayons for this craft. We had enough to make about 60 little crayons. It was so fun. The girls loved filling the silicone molds and overall it was such a fun little activity to do together. Here is a good blog post with instructions if you're interested in how to make them.

We also had such a fun dinner all orchestrated by Jordan that night. I laid down for a few minutes and while I was resting Jordan and the girls transformed our house into an Italian restaurant complete with the perfect Spotify playlist playing in the background. When dinner was ready Reagan came to get me saying, "Are you ready for dinner madame? Here is your seat madame." Reagan was the waitress for the night and Jordan the chef. Reagan would come take my order and Jordan would prepare it and then Reagan would deliver it. Our first course was salad. For the main course we had breadsticks and either meatballs with spaghetti or spaghetti with meatballs :) We enjoyed our fancy candlelit dinner with our sodas and then for dessert we had Trader Joe's mini ice cream cone drumsticks. Delicious!

100th Day of School


Today is Reagan's 100th day of Kindergarten so she dressed up like a 100 year old, complete with a shawl, glasses, wrinkles, and gray hair. We've been calling her Grannie Reagan since last night. She also brought 100 Fruit Loops to school, after working hard to make 10 piles of 10. She loves counting to 100 and has been excited for months that she's able to do it.


JJ | 1 Month


This sweet babe is 1 month old! 1 month! I'm so glad he's a part of our family. We're all really enjoying him and have loved cuddling with him and holding him as much as we can. I'm so excited to watch his personality grow and to have him be more and more awake everyday. He's even started to smile just a little bit and when he does it's just the very best! At his 2 week doctor appointment he weighed 8 lbs 15 oz, and he is getting really heavy! I'm not sure what he weighs right now but it seems like he is chunking up. We've had a few bad nights sleep-wise in the past month but it seems to be getting better. He has't had a bad night in about a week, but still hasn't had any nights with particularly long stretches between feedings, he's pretty set on eating every 3-4 hours. He is a pretty relaxed baby and only gets really fussy when he's tired. We have moved on from newborn clothes to 0-3 month clothes and I already feel like I want to pause time. One of the funniest things about JJ is how much he grunts. I'm not sure if it's a boy thing of it it's a JJ thing but he grunts A LOT. I need to record it because I always want to remember his funny grunting.

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